Buyback credit for owner: to get better rates

Are you a homeowner or a homeowner with heavy monthly mortgage payments? Redeeming credit will help you reduce your monthly payments. The purchase of homeowner credit has advantages: reduced rates and larger bank agreements.

How to prepare a repurchase of credit for owner?

How to prepare a repurchase of credit for owner?

As a first step, you have to calculate your borrowing capacity. You add up all of your perennial income. If your credit charges exceed 40% of these revenues, your debt is excessive because it is over 40%. The purpose of a credit consolidation is to reduce the debt below 40% of your income through a buy-back to get a single consumer loan.

By showing your monthly payments, your income, the simulation of credit redemption will indicate your current debt.

The purchase of credit for owner without mortgage

The purchase of consumer credit can reach up to USD 200,000 for a maximum of 180 months, under certain conditions, without mortgage on your house. On, the Credit Redemption Simulator will offer a redemption simulation. It is quite easy to make a credit redemption online by gathering your documents: last 3 payslips and the one from December of the previous year, the last 3 bank statements and all of your loans.

In a homeowner credit redemption, you can of course keep your current home loan. It is not always interesting to take it back. But sometimes, it is not possible to do otherwise.

The purchase of credit for owner with mortgage

The purchase of credit for owner with mortgage

When you have done a credit simulation and then your credit redemption request, it turns out that the duration of your loan redemption must be extended to meet the maximum debt. At that time, a mortgage on your house is required to secure the loan. This is a guarantee that you give to the bank and in exchange, you get a loan buy at a better rate and a loan duration of up to 35 years maximum. does not recommend credit redemption companies that offer variable rates. It is wise to choose only fixed rates for your financial security. Once you have redeemed your credit simulation, you still need to gather the documents to obtain an online credit, the answer adapted to your needs. We are listening to you

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