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30,000 subscribers to the Twitter Bluesky decentralized social network project


Bluesky tweeted yesterday that 30,000 people have joined the waitlist for its beta. In a tweet, Bluesky informed that “private beta invites” will be rolled out in stages to ensure “the protocol evolves and takes into account user feedback…”

What is Bluesky?

Twitter was supposed to become a decentralized social networking site, which didn’t happen. So Twitter gave birth to Bluesky, to do just that.

Bluesky is a Public Benefit Limited Liability Company (PBLLC) established on February 7, 2022. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitterunveiled the project called Bluesky, envisioning a blockchain-based decentralized social network in 2019.

According to Bluesky’s April 26 tweet, it’s an “independent company focused on decentralized social media R&D.” The initial team consisted of 6 people including the team leader. Then Twitter CTO Parag Aggarwal hired team leader Jay Graber. Other team members were hired by Graber.

How is it different from Twitter?

Dorsey revealed Project Bluesky in 2019. Initially, Twitter was going to be a decentralized concept. It eventually became more and more centralized. Dorsey wrote that Twitter is not designed to face new challenges and to meet them a decentralized network was needed.

“The value of social media is moving away from hosting and removing content, towards attention-grabbing recommendation algorithms. Unfortunately, these algorithms are usually proprietary and no one can choose or create alternatives. Yet,” he wrote. Centralized systems cannot handle misinformation and abuse without overwhelming users.

Bluesky tweeted a thread explaining his relationship with Twitter. He said the separation between the two companies was necessary to achieve the goal of creating a single social networking site.

The decentralized social network is based on the Authenticated Transport Protocol or “AT Protocol”. According to its Bluesky blog, the protocol will provide 3 unique features: first, users will be able to transfer data from one provider to another, without any data loss; second, the algorithm provided by the site will be accessible to people – allowing control over what they see; third, the protocol will facilitate interoperability so that different applications can be used in the same ecosystem; and fourth, performance is fundamental to its infrastructure, so a smooth and fast interface is ensured.

Twitter’s Misinformation Problem

A 2018 MIT study found that on Twitter, misinformation spreads faster than real news. “We found that the lie spreads much further, faster, deeper and wider than the truth, in all categories of information, and in many cases by an order of magnitude,” said Sinan Aral. , David Austin Professor of Management at MIT Sloan. .

Elon Musk will reveal his decision on the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter on the 28th of this month. The billionaire wanted to buy Twitter to solve his spam problem.

Some social networking sites hold enormous power in terms of user data. These companies make money with it Data. With an open source website, data collection can be managed efficiently.

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