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A Russian man almost had his head cut off because of a broken elevator


The man’s presence of mind and quick action averted a major accident.

In a terrifying incident, a man in Russia narrowly escaped having his head decapitated in a freak elevator accident. CCTV footage that went viral on the internet showed the man entering the lift when its doors suddenly began to close. The man nearly got his head cut off, but luckily he jumped back in time, as the elevator flew away.

The man escaped death in just a fraction of a second. According to the description of the clip, the incident took place in an apartment building in the city of Krasnodar, Russia.

Watch the video below:

The clip opened to show a man exiting the elevator. At this point, the elevator seemed to be working perfectly. However, moments later, when another man attempted to enter the elevator, its doors began to close. The elevator then began to climb at high speed while the man was still between the door.

At the end of the video, the man was first seen trying to block the elevator doors on either side of him. However, he was forced to dive backwards as the elevator soared. His presence of mind and quick action averted a major accident.

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The video was shared on YouTube on Monday and has since racked up over 5,200 views. In the comments section, netizens expressed their shock. “My biggest nightmare,” wrote one user, while another simply said, “Oh my god!

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