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A strange deep-sea creature with a transparent head filmed in rare footage

A strange fish with a transparent head was caught by boffins during an expedition on the high seas.

The creature – known as the barreleye – has been spotted at an enormous depth of 2,000 to 2,600 feet in Monterey Bay, off the coast of California.

It can grow up to six inches long and hunt its prey in complete darkness, which is why its eyes are so huge, reports The Sun.

The images were captured using a remote-controlled vehicle in the “twilight depths” of the ocean.

It was published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).

The organization said, “MBARI Ventana and Doc Ricketts rc vehicles recorded over 5,600 successful dives and over 27,600 hours of video, but we only encountered this fish nine times!

The mad creature is rarely filmed

“Even in a world full of adaptations for seeing in almost total darkness, the barreleye fish stands out as one of the most bizarre… its eyes are two glowing green orbs behind its face that gaze upward from its head. “

Originally, the researchers believed that the fish’s bizarre eyes could only see upwards, but they soon found that the miraculous creature could also rotate its eyes to see forward.

The unique creature can see through its own forehead

“His eyes look upward to spot his favorite prey,” Boffins continued.

“Usually small crustaceans trapped in the tentacles of siphonophores – shadows they cast in the faint shimmer of the sun from above.

“But how does this fish eat when its eyes are up and its mouth is forward? Researchers at MBARI have learned that the barreleye can rotate its eyes under this transparent fabric dome.”

The fascinating animal can be found from the Bering Sea in Japan and Baja, California.

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It hovers under the tentacles of a siphonophore to steal food, researchers say.

But it’s not the only strange creature spotted hiding in the murky depths of the ocean – recently, a tube-shaped animal with no eyes, ears or mouth shocked a group of divers.

The bizarre fish has been compared to a sci-fi horror monster by an eyewitness.

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