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A woman pushed in front of a train in a hair-raising video

A woman was deliberately pushed in front of an oncoming train in Brussels.

A man deliberately pushed a woman in front of an oncoming train in Brussels, shocking CCTV footage. The incident happened on Friday evening at the Rogier metro station in the Belgian capital, according to the RT news site. Fortunately, the woman managed to escape unharmed as the train stopped just in time.

Stunning footage that has been widely shared online shows the man walking relentlessly along the platform before pushing the woman in front of the train. It was filmed running forward and pushing the woman onto the tracks just as the subway approached. Passers-by rushed to help her up even as the train driver displayed quick reflexes and pulled the emergency brake, saving the woman’s life.

“The driver reacted very well but is very shocked, as is the victim,” Guy Sablon, spokesman for the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, told the Brussels Times.

Both the woman and the subway conductor were taken to hospital where they were treated and were soon allowed to return home.

Meanwhile, the attacker fled immediately after pushing the woman. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office said he was arrested shortly afterwards at another metro station and charged with attempted homicide.

An investigation has been opened into the incident to determine the suspect’s motives. A psychiatrist was also appointed to check his condition.

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