Amazon buyer left face red after finding out USB fan is actually sex toy

John Day posted an Amazon USB fan ad on the Latest Deals Facebook group.

But instead of a photo of the fan, the ad, which has since been deleted, included a photo of a sex toy.

Although a description of the USB fan has been included, a pink vibrator with a satisfied woman can be seen in the lower corner.

The 55-year-old captioned the blunder: “Question. How is that going to keep me cool? I just don’t understand how it works? “

His post quickly went viral, garnering hundreds of likes from other savers.

One of them commented: “Guaranteed to make you hotter, I would have said.”

Another added: “Is there a direct link? Ask a friend.

While a third wrote, “Not a bad price,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

WHOOPS: The online retailer had a photo of a sex toy with the product

And a fourth said: “I have all my Amazon packages delivered to my parents.

“They open the majority of them because they are gifts / good deals from here. I should order this.

John told Latest Deals: “I use the Facebook group daily and thanks to the network of other members, I find many great offers. I’m going to get mine and with this hot weather that we have, like a lot of people, I was looking for ways to stay cool.

“On this occasion, Amazon UK showed me something that I might like about the things I was looking for. As you can see the image caught my eye and after investigation it turned out that it It was a USB desktop fan.

“I posted the link on the group and waited for a response from others… and to say the least, I’ve never seen so many likes on a post and haven’t laughed so much at the responses.”

AMAZON SHOPPER: The 55-year-old was hoping to buy a fan

Tom Church, co-founder of the Money Saving website, said: “It’s a hilarious mistake, but Amazon may not be at fault.

“Usually the merchants on Amazon upload the photos, so the seller made a little mistake.

“It looks like the problem has been resolved, but I’m wondering if anyone ordered a fan and got a vibrator instead.”

According to an Amazon spokesperson, who confirmed to Daily Star Online, it was a third-party product that was not sold by the retailer.

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