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amc: Amc seeks cybersecurity for water supply network | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Fearing cyberattacks on the new Internet Protocol-based water supply management operations for the city, the Municipality of Ahmedabad sought robust cybersecurity coverage for its water supply network. On February 8, it will select an operator to manage its water supply operations and provide cyberattack coverage to its water supply network. AMC will spend just over Rs 7 crore on the project.
AMC supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for water supply regulation is still in its infancy. “We fear cyberattacks on crucial water supply management operations. Attempts to raise levels of cleaning agent or chlorine gas to an unsafe degree or alter the pH values ​​of the water supply can have serious consequences,” a senior CMA official said.
Key outsourced operations include repair and maintenance of level transmitters, water flow transmitters, water pressure transmitters, analyzers, energy meters and maintenance of SCADA operations for supply water, including that of three water distribution systems, treatment plants and four French wells.
Among the critical operations that will be covered are chlorine-pH, turbidity analyzers and the multi-function alert of any valved flow meter. “SCADA systems have been attacked in the past and there needs to be a clear distinction between IT and Operating Technology (OT) in this vulnerability. We need to ensure that we are not using the same routers and networks of communication for computer applications,” said a senior AMC official. He added that with greater centralization of water resources, the state government is also planning a central command and control system for a water equity in major nagarpalikas and municipal corporations.

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