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amdavadis: Photographed, Amdavadis finally learns not to cross the line | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Although it took a while, the Amdavadis eventually learned not to cross the line – the traffic stop line, to be precise. Increased surveillance thanks to CCTV cameras at intersections and heavy fines imposed on violators allowed Amdavadis to brake at the stop line instead of accelerating their vehicles at crosswalks.
Over the past six years, the number of stop line violations has fallen by 93% – from 91,257 cases in 2016 to 6,240 cases in 2021, data from the city’s traffic police show.

Traffic officers say people have lined up for fear of being caught by CCTV cameras. JCP (Traffic) Mayank Chavda said, “Over the past 2-3 years, we have increased artificial intelligence powered CCTV surveillance in the city. As a result, the number of e-challans issued has also increased.
“We increased the CCTV coverage from 21 intersections to 45 major intersections. Previously, commuters would zoom in to the zebra crossing. Now they slow down as the signal approaches and stop before the stop line.” The powerful artificial intelligence of the Red Light Violation Detection System (RLVDS) captures the image of vehicles while its algorithm detects the violation by calculating the vehicle’s position and distance from the previously powered stop line.
Chavda also attributed a drop in the total number of traffic violations over the past two years to the Covid pandemic.
Besides the decrease in the cases of violation of the stop line, Amdavadis has also started to follow the rule of the way.
21,034 cases of track violations reported
In 2016, the city’s traffic police reported 21,034 cases of lane violations. This figure fell to 1,532 cases in 2021, a drop of about 93%.
Senior traffic police officers said people started driving in their own lanes and stopped crisscrossing after cops started to enforce traffic rules and impose heavy fines on people breaking traffic rules. “Following the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Law by the Center in 2019, traffic fines have been sharply increased. This was followed by a drop in offenses, ”said a police officer. Amit Thakur, who works for a private school, said: “I received five challans for stopping my car at a zebra crossing. Since then, I have been braking just before the stop line to avoid being fined.

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