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Asset Panda and Lansweeper, Industry Leaders in IT Asset Lifecycle Management, Announce Network Discovery and Full Asset Lifecycle Integration


Asset Panda and Lansweeper integration

“From our world-class software to our integrations, Asset Panda is committed to providing the tools our clients need to increase their visibility and profitability,” said Rex Kurzius, Founder and CEO of Asset Panda.

active pandaa leading provider of IT asset lifecycle management software, and Sweeper, a leader in IT asset management platforms, announced a strategic partnership that integrates Asset Panda’s world-class asset lifecycle technology with industry-leading and innovative network discovery solutions from Lansweeper. The partnership offers customers a robust and powerful end-to-end lifecycle management tool that discovers and imports real-time asset data to provide an instantaneous and continuously updated inventory of IT hardware and software across a network.

Organizations that manage hundreds or even thousands of IT devices struggle to maintain an accurate inventory of what is on their network and to whom it is assigned. Millions of hours are wasted every year trying to track down and manage these assets, and billions of dollars are lost in misplaced equipment and unnecessary purchases across all industry segments. Lack of visibility into these devices creates network blind spots that lead to security vulnerabilities.

Lansweeper’s technology makes it possible to analyze a network and automatically and quickly import the resources connected to the network. Interweaving this data into Asset Panda through this integration creates instant inventory in a single system of truth that can track and report on the entire lifecycle of any asset, from procurement to disposal. The integration comes with a simple field mapping tool that places device information exactly where users want it in an asset record. Not only will users be able to see “standard devices” connected to remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools or other management tools, but users will receive more comprehensive data that includes printers, internet devices from objects (IoT), telephones, etc. After. Thus, eliminating network blind spots and giving businesses complete visibility into the history of all assets, from when they were purchased, who owned them, when maintenance was performed, when they needed to be replaced, to ‘when they were eliminated.

“From our world-class software to our integrations, Asset Panda is committed to providing the tools our clients need to increase their visibility and profitability,” said Rex Kurzius, Founder and CEO of Asset Panda. “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Lansweeper and not only think outside the box, but redefine the box.”

To launch this partnership, Asset Panda and Lansweeper will host a joint webinar on December 7, 2022 which can be found HERE. The webinar will showcase integration – the benefits and integration works, allowing users to see first-hand the perfect solution for fast, accurate and stress-free year-end audits by integrating Asset Panda and Lansweeper into a network .

“We are thrilled to announce our newest Technology Alliance partner, Asset Panda,” said Casandra Lloyd, Director of Technology Alliances at Lansweeper. “It was a pleasure to work with the Asset Panda team in building this integration which will enable the automatic discovery of a customer’s IT asset fleet with Lansweeper and, through this integration, the management of those IT assets. in Asset Panda. With many customers in common, we know this will be an integration that will delight!”

To use the comprehensive full lifecycle tracking technology offered, users must have an Asset Panda, Lansweeper subscription installed on the company network and administrator access to Asset Panda and Lansweeper. At launch, eligible users can set up scheduled scans and synchronizations, then import cloud instance data, software, and computing resources directly into Asset Panda. This partnership provides an unprecedented real-time view of all network assets, regardless of user location, through the powerful and flexible asset lifecycle management platform based on cloud of Asset Panda.

To learn more about the capabilities and partnership between Asset Panda and Lansweeper, interested parties can obtain additional details by visiting here.

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