Australian comedian Tim Minchin promises to deliver “the most entertaining musical concert you can imagine”

Tim Minchin will perform as part of the Auckland Live Cabaret season and has just announced a second show on Sunday 10 June. Photo / Supplied

“The most common reaction,” says Tim Minchin of those who have never seen him in concert, “is’ damn f $% # it’s like real music, he can play like a motherf $% #er ‘. ” Yes, he really can.

A man who wears many creative hats, Tim Minchin is best known for writing the multi-award-winning musical Matilda, the hilarious TV series Upright (which he writes and stars in) and some very entertaining tunes. Minchin’s honesty, humor and unpretentiousness – which shines through in each of his song lyrics – were utterly disarming as he discussed his upcoming shows in New Zealand.

The 45-year-old Australian musician – yes, despite his ridiculously impressive list of skills and achievements he still humbly defines himself as a ‘muso’ – will arrive in New Zealand in just a few weeks to resume the delayed encore tour. of her live show, Back.

“I can’t woo everyone all the time, but I think I have a pretty good hit rate,” Australian musician Tim Minchin says of his performances. Photo / Supplied

Minchin will be performing in Auckland as part of the Auckland Live Cabaret season and he looks forward to reconnecting with the “fantastic audience” he has always found in Aotearoa.

A cabaret festival strangely suits Minchin, who likes the meaning of “other” evoked by the term “cabaret”, an idea that suits him very well. “I used to call myself a cabaret artist at the start,” he admits, before saying that the cabaret is “queer and outdoor… it’s not going to be mainstream. I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

While Minchin’s musical style can never be defined as “mainstream,” there is something about it that is universally accessible. Tackling everything from infidelity to the ever-miserable appearance of women in SUVs, Minchin’s latest album is like a well-crafted melodic mirror standing in front of the listener. Turns out that’s exactly what he planned. “When I say ‘what if I die on this plane’ it should tap into those feelings in everyone,” Minchin says of his introspective track, If this Plane Goes Down, with which he plans to open its New Zealand shows.

“If I do my job, the show is appealing,” Minchin says, but cautions that it’s best to leave all expectations at the door. “Some people have seen Prejudice and Dark Side on YouTube,” Minchin says of two of his live performance videos that racked up millions and millions of views, and “I want to tell them, ‘It’ll be fine, but fair reject your expectations for me ‘. “

If you spend any time on YouTube watching Minchin’s most popular videos and reading user reviews, one striking fact strikes you – he’s beloved. One comment that stood out asked the question, “Is it just me or should Tim Minchin be the most famous man in the world?” It’s hard not to agree as his talent for performance borders on obscene, but, for such a “genuine” man and musician, that wouldn’t be the right solution, or maybe it just happened. a selfish desire to keep it quite ourselves.

Tim Minchin’s “Back” tour dates are:

• Thursday June 17, Michael Fowler Center, Wellington
• Saturday June 19, The Civic, Auckland (full)
• Sunday June 20, The Civic, Auckland (new show)
• Friday June 25, Town Hall, Christchurch

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