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Avigilon 5.0MP-HD-DOME-DN IP Dome Camera Specifications

Avigilon, the performance and value leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance systems, recently announced the launch of the industry’s first HD auto-iris day / night dome camera. Responding to customer demand for an efficient megapixel dome camera and designed for a wide range of locations, including those that may be subject to abuse, vandalism or other harsh conditions, the Avigilon HD Dome Camera is on the go. Competitively priced and easy to install, making megapixel and HD performance accessible to a wide range of users with a wide range of surveillance needs.

“Dome cameras represent an important segment of the surveillance market due to their compact design and ease of installation. However, many surveillance professionals were unable to fully implement an HD surveillance system because the industry lacked an easy-to-install HD day / night dome camera. effective in low light conditions “, said Dave Tynan, vice president of global sales at Avigilon. “With the introduction of Avigilon’s auto-iris mega-pixel day / night dome cameras with integrated IR illumination, security professionals have, for the first time, an easy-to-install, cost-effective and vandal-resistant HD dome camera. designed to meet the needs even in the most difficult conditions. “

The Avigilon HD dome camera is available in one megapixel (720p), two megapixels (1080p), three megapixels and five megapixels and comes with automatic infrared (IR) filter technology to provide superior low light performance and sensitivity to low light. infrared lighting. Vandal resistant, the Avigilon HD Dome Camera incorporates engineering and design features as well as special materials to keep it performing even under the most demanding conditions. An optional integrated IR illuminator provides short-range illumination for high-resolution monitoring in low-light conditions. Avigilon HD dome cameras come with mounting options for recessed ceiling mounting, electrical box mounting, and mounting in an IP66 rated waterproof outdoor configuration.

With built-in support for High Definition Stream Management (HDSM), the Avigilon HD Dome Camera can take advantage of Avigilon Control Center’s progressive lossless compression to deliver the lowest bandwidth and recording times the longest of all HD surveillance cameras while preserving image quality. The new HD dome cameras also offer Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to reduce installation costs and alarm inputs and outputs to easily integrate into current alarm systems for performance and cost savings. additional.

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