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BeWell Network CEO Dr Ted Bender discusses mental health and addiction treatment

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2021 / What is drug addiction? It is the repeated abuse and overuse of alcohol and / or drugs in a way that results in impaired psychological functioning, distress or interpersonal problems. Substance abuse problems can occur simultaneously in people with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other addictive behaviors. The combination of addiction and mental illness has its own name: dual diagnosis, or concomitant disorders. Increased awareness and increased access to appropriate treatment are essential to successfully improve the lives of people with drug addiction or dual diagnosis.

About 21 million Americans suffer from some form of addiction and mental health disorder. According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths increased by 30% as of 2020. This increase in rates of substance use and overdose is of particular concern, and overdoses can result from accidental overdoses involving both illegal drugs. and prescription drugs (legal) misused, or suicidal. behaviour. We are in unhappy times. Dr Ted Bender from The BeWell network wants the world to know that there are effective resources to help those who are struggling.

The BeWell network is led by Ted Bender, PhD, MBA, who is the CEO of the network. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and received his training in business analysis from Harvard Business School. Dr Bender and his team are committed to helping people living with trauma, mental illness and addiction access effective and efficient treatment. The BeWell Network has drug and alcohol treatment centers located throughout Southern California, including the Sheer Recovery facility.

Their ultimate goal is to provide a healing mindset that will improve the lives of patients. As Dr Bender notes of BeWell healthcare providers, “It takes an incredibly courageous individual to voluntarily enter into the pain of another human being. This is certainly true when you take on the role of professional caregiver for people with addiction and dual diagnosis, which is why the clinicians in the BeWell network are carefully selected and trained.

It is important to choose a treatment center that provides complete steps for a full recovery. The BeWell Network Trauma-informed Treatment utilizes evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. They believe that an evidence-based approach is a must for modern rehabilitation centers. Their clinicians exercise a multidisciplinary approach, working together to design treatment plans that meet the specific needs of each person. BeWell’s focus on self-care extends to health groups, expressive therapies, and behavior-based approaches to sustaining recovery.

The BeWell Network has also launched an educational podcast named after one of its facilities. It is called Pure recovery Podcast. Dr Bender interviews celebrities who champion mental health causes. The show also features clinical professionals dealing with specific treatments and studies. The program airs on all podcast platforms and local Southern California radio stations.

The Sheer Recovery podcast covers topics such as common fears about treatment, such as losing a job or losing income during an absence. As explained on the podcast, patients will not lose their jobs or income during their treatment. There are US laws that protect people from losing their jobs while in treatment, and most insurance companies will cover the cost of rehabilitation. Patients can still receive a paycheck while seeking medical attention. Other common questions answered by the show include; what are the symptoms of drug addiction and how do i know if i need rehabilitation?

Symptoms of substance abuse disorder are as follows:

  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Adopt risky behaviors
  • Develop high tolerance and withdrawal symptoms
  • Feeling that you need a drug or alcohol to function

Symptoms of mental health problems can vary widely. Warning signs such as extreme mood changes (for example, sadness or exuberance), confused thoughts or problems concentrating, hearing voices, avoiding friends and social activities, and suicidal thoughts may be reasons to seek help. The dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health disorders is very common and may be due to a stressful environment, trauma, or genetic factors. A professional can help guide the patient to recovery. The BeWell network has a variety of dual diagnosis treatments and a staff who understands the fight.

According to Pure recovery, during treatment, patients go through a detox program that helps them cleanse their system of addictive and toxic substances. A doctor and a member of the trained medical staff from the BeWell network will monitor them. After this necessary detoxification, the patient will enter one of BeWell’s hospital rehabilitation centers. The BeWell network offers various locations, such as Pure recovery, Good heart, and more. All the pitches are safe, comfortable and in luxury homes. There will be 24/7 staff, meals, activities, therapy sessions and time to think in peace as patients’ bodies return to a positive state.

Therapy is a big part of an effective treatment plan. In particular, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people with a dual diagnosis learn to cope and change ineffective thought patterns. There will be opportunities for support groups that will help members share their frustrations and celebrate successes. The BeWell network is there to improve the lives of many people.

You can find the BeWell network online at, as well as on Instagram (@thebewellnetwork), Facebook, and LinkedIn. Discover the BeWell network’s Sheer Recovery podcast on Youtube and learn more about Sheer Recovery at

Contact the BeWell network by phone at (888) 616-9075 or by email at [email protected].


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