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Blackburn: dumpsters filmed throwing garbage


THE first dumpster films were uploaded to a borough’s new digital “Wall of Shame”.

He launched his latest campaign to tackle fly spills today, with a video of a man throwing a sofa from a black van.

The Stockclough Lane incident, Feniscowles, is just one of four on the new ‘Wall of Shame’ feature on its website.

Another shows the same individual returning to add a mattress to his sofa while another captures two men flying the contents from the back of a van to the same spot.

The other video shows a man throwing black bags of trash on the grass in Chester Street, Higher Audley.

Borough environmental boss Cllr Jim Smith wants residents to visit the “wall of shame” and help city hall staff identify the culprits.

He also wants them to submit their own videos, CCTV footage, and dash camera footage so that rockers can be identified, named, and humiliated.

Resident contributions will support the council’s 20 cameras located in tipping hotspots.

Council staff will use information from the public to identify, prosecute and “name and humiliate” those responsible.

Cllr Smith hopes the new initiative, using residents as his ‘eyes and ears’, will deter dumpsters and prevent future incidents by reducing the Borough’s £ 250,000 per year cleaning bill.

He said: “The message is clear: you don’t want to be caught standing in our ‘Wall of Shame’ because you will be named and held accountable.

“Once an offender has been identified, the council’s waste crime team will do everything in their power to ensure that they are arrested and prosecuted.

” We break up. We really need the help of the residents.

“No one wants a pile of garbage dumped on their street.

“The Wall of Shame is a way for everyone to make their contribution. If you see someone you know doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you can tell us anonymously.

“We realize this is a fairly confrontational approach, but this action is a last resort.

“The dumping of flies has a direct impact on resources while causing misery for the inhabitants of the neighborhoods where it is rife. ”

The clean-up campaign was supported by Conservative Environmental Group spokesperson Cllr Jean Rigby, who said: “It’s a great idea.”

Darwen East Liberal Democrat Cllr Paul Browne said: “It’s a good idea. There are dirty people in this neighborhood.

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