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Body camera video showing the moment Minneapolis police fatally shot a black man, Amir Locke, while executing a search warrant for the SPPD

Reports reaching Kossyderrickent indicate that Minneapolis police shot a black man, Amir Locke, at his residence while he was wrapped in a blanket. (Read more here).

In the trending video, Minneapolis police were seen using a “no knock warrant” to gain access to Amir Locke’s apartment.

The terrified Amir is seen as he wrapped himself in a blanket while the police repeatedly shot him.

At a press conference tonight, Mayor Frey speaks about the importance of getting the facts right, then is unable to answer the question: ‘Why was Amir Locke named as a suspect in the press release? of the MPD press?”

Amir Locke was sleeping on the sofa under the covers when the police entered at dawn. Barely awake, hearing a commotion, he grabs a gun, but doesn’t point it at the officers. The police open fire, killing him. Not the target of a warrant, legal weapon.

Police unions are in tears, pumping money and bullying spineless politicians to roll back any protections for the community. Biden is meeting with cop-mayor Adams, to roll back reforms, kick off the tough-on-crime movement, which has never really stopped.

The information reads:

“Police used a no knock warrant, opened up and started yelling at the dude. On first look, that looks worse than Breonna Taylor, in that gun was never pointed, no shots were fired, they just wasted the half-asleep dude on the Do you remember all the “reforms” we were promised?

‘BREAKING: 2 officers from a SWAT team who were caught on body camera video shooting citizens without warning from an unmarked van days after the police killing of George Floyd were also involved in Wednesday’s raid which led to the murder of Amir Locke.”

Video below:

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