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Bolton: ‘Cheeky thieves’ caught on camera appearing to steal from gardens


Another case of “brazen thieves” using a white van to steal from people’s gardens was caught on camera.

It comes after reports earlier this week of suspected thieves swinging on vans to steal from people’s gardens on Arnold Street and Hughes Street in Halliwell.

Now another local resident has come forward saying he too had been targeted by steel ventilators and that wheels he intended to turn into new reusable items had been stolen.

He said: “As you can imagine, I was upset, annoyed and furious that someone was brazen enough to do what these thieves did.”

He added: “Although at first glance these items may appear to be scrap items, they were in fact items that I had purchased with the intention of ‘recycling’ them into resalable new items.”

CCTV footage shows the apparent thieves entering the garden and taking an industrial steel fan and other steel items.

The video shows a man claiming on a wall and in a back garden, a man opening the closed but unlocked rear hatch, three men picking up steel wheels, an industrial steel fan and other items in garden steel and three men putting goods in the back of a white dump truck.

In this case, the thefts appear to have taken place on Monday June 13 and may be linked to a recent case in which suspected thieves were seen balancing on a white van to enter people’s gardens.

The Arnold Street and Hughes Street cases were raised by Cllr Rabiya Jive, who represents the area for the council and sits on the Stronger Communities committee, which manages public safety in the borough.

In this case, Cllr Jiva said she fears the heat at the start of the week may have played a part, with opportunistic thieves taking advantage of people walking around in the summer and targeting their homes.

She said anyone with concerns should contact Greater Manchester Police by calling 101 or 999 in the event of an emergency.

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