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Bosch highlights AI, IP camera, public IP address communication and access control systems

Bosch, the German technology giant, recently showcased advances in CCTV, access control, public address, voice alarm, conferencing and intrusion systems in Doha.
The event was organized by Video Home & Electronic Center, which has partnered with Bosch since 2014 for the distribution of security and surveillance products across Qatar.

Ahmad Abou Zainab, Rohit Pandit COO, VHE with the team

Speaking to leading system integrators at the event, Ahmad Abou Zainab, Regional Business Development Manager, said, “Bosch has launched new products, services and software to create custom solutions that enhance security, improve safety and provide information.”
A new CCTV service was explained, providing the flexibility to monitor, manage, record and respond from anywhere. It helps site managers and safety and operations teams to make quick decisions in the face of alarms, preventing them from becoming accidents.
Praesensa, a fully IP-based and feature-rich public address and voice communication system, combines cost-effectiveness and superior audio quality with ease of installation, integration and use, notes a press release. An integrated redundancy feature from Praesensa highlights the characteristic of no single point of failure in the system.
Bosch access control systems with BIS integrations seamlessly connect to other Bosch subsystems and third-party systems via the OPC protocol for efficient operation by controlling, monitoring and investigating through a single point, explains the communicated.
“All over the world, Bosch products are synonymous with high quality and even higher performance standards, and are therefore used in critical infrastructure, intelligent traffic management, city surveillance and education. A team of very strong and technologically advanced system integrators across Qatar have installed several Bosch products in football stadiums, airport expansion projects, defence, maintenance of Qatar’s railways and metro, surveillance of the traffic and infrastructure, healthcare, education, transportation, commercial and residential projects,” he adds.
“In line with trends, it is clearly visible that the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) will be combined with artificial intelligence (AI). There will be immense possibilities for connected security devices beyond their traditional use,” said CV Rappai, director and CEO, Video Home & Electronic Center.
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