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Building a new infrastructure network helps the digital economy

On July 31, 2022, the New Infrastructure and Digital Economy Summit Forum 2022 in China (Ningbo) was successfully held. Sun Telecom has been invited to participate in this forum. This forum aims to further promote the exchange and connection of companies, technical forces and related industrial resources in the field of new digital infrastructures.

The new infrastructure uses next-generation information technologies such as mobile Internet, 5G, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and AI to promote the process of digital economy comprehensively. In the era of new infrastructure, enterprises must first create their own optical network environment. Through the Integrated space-earth communication network and Cloud-Network Integration to help develop the Digital Economy.

Integrated Space-Earth Communication Network

A new infrastructure requires strong and stable communication network support. Comprehensively upgrade the communication network infrastructure, form a ubiquitous, interconnected and integrated high-speed communication network support system, and promote cloud-network collaboration and computer network integration.

Integrated space-earth communication network integrates the satellite network with the traditional terrestrial fiber optic network and consists of a space backbone network, a space access network and a ground node network. Data relay satellites operating in GEO orbit, “Pigeon”, “Iridium”, OneWeb, Hongyan Project, etc. Star processing, switching, network control and other functions to complete. Seamless global coverage is achieved by interconnecting optical satellite-to-ground links, and the system can operate independently of terrestrial nodes.

The space segment integrates all kinds of owned and leased GEO and orbital communications satellites and manages them in a unified way, thus providing resource guarantees to different land, sea, air and space users. The satellite resource pool uses L, S, C, Ku, Ka and other spectrum resources, the scale can be adjusted according to need, and provides mobile or broadband services through the ground coverage of multipoint beam antennas. The ground segment consists of infrastructure such as hub ports and ground stations, as well as core networks, IT systems and edge clouds. Upgrade the existing earth station to form the ability to connect sky, earth and cloud network, and realize the interconnection and interoperability of heterogeneous networks.

Cloud-Network Integration

All-optical networks (AON) The technology allows data to be transmitted without any electrical processing, which can result in longer transmission distances. AON technology is used in telecom networks, FTTH, Data center, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT), etc. As the fiber optic solution provider Sun Telecom said the all-optical network will evolve from a bandwidth-based pipeline network to an experience-based cloud-based network, and must have five characteristics of deterministic support, full-service access, network flattening, operation and maintenance. automation and cloud-optic integration. Relying on the quality of the Connectivity rigid pipes, consolidate the supporting base of the digital economy.

Cloud-Network integration is the central engine and the essential connotation of the new infrastructure, and the digital basis of the new infrastructure. Through high-speed interconnection between different resource pools of the same cloud service provider, differences in business relationships caused by different distribution regions of user cloud hosts in practical applications can be resolved to ensure network stability. and transmission security. Or high-speed interconnection between public cloud resource pools between different cloud service providers, breaking through the resource barriers of different manufacturers, and realizing the interconnection of cross-cloud service providers and cross-cloud resource pools.


fiber optic networks, 5G and other network infrastructures have become as important infrastructures for the national economy and people’s livelihoods as water and electricity. The new infrastructure is inseparable from the fiber optic network infrastructure. Only by steadily laying the foundation of the network, building a communication network that integrates heaven and earth, and implementing the integration of cloud and network, can we enter the new era of infrastructure. , meet the needs for the development of computing power, and promote the development of the digital economy.

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