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Camera captures man stabbed in the neck with a knife during brawl in living room

Mr Whitbread said the footage showed the victim Mr Frescon sitting on his sofa before getting up to open the front door and let one of the accused – Mr Appleby enter.

They spoke, went out, before returning a short time later.

“Mr. Frescon then leaves the living room for a brief period… and while he is away Mr. Appleby picks up a large kitchen style knife that is on a shelf in the living room, then a second similar style knife. Whitbread told the court.

“When Mr. Frescon returns, the defendant [Mr Appleby] approaches him, threatens him and holds a knife on his [Mr Frescon’s] throat.

“We then witness a physical confrontation, Mr. Frescon trying to defend himself.

Robert Charles Frescon.Credit:Facebook

“At one point, we see Mr. Frescon throw down a piece of furniture, which is said to be a chair, to distract Mr. Appleby and try to prevent him from attacking him.”

Mr Whitbread said that while Mr Frescon continued to try to push Mr Appleby away, the co-accused Mr Markovski entered through the front door.

“[Mr Markovski] wears a separate black and white mask covering his face and is armed with a knife. Immediately behind him comes the other defendant, Mr. Torralba, ”he told the court.

“This is when Mr. Appleby and Mr. Markovski together continue to beat Mr. Frescon, he tries to push them back and very soon after he is hit in the neck.

“Almost instantly you will see him react and back away a short distance, then Mr. Frescon falls to the ground and he bleeds profusely with blood spurting from his neck.”

Mr Frescon collapsed face first behind his sofa, his hands covered in blood after grabbing his neck for just a few seconds. His accused killers are said to have fled.

Police reportedly found drugs in Mr. Frescon’s home and in his pockets.

Mr Appleby’s attorney Angus Edwards told the court Mr Markovski was the one who inflicted the fatal injury and Mr Appleby dropped his knives before Mr Frescon was fatally injured.

Mr Edwards said his client visited Mr Frescon’s house that night to get drugs, but had no intention of killing him and did not bring a weapon with him.

Mr Markovski’s attorney, Miro Martinovic, told the jury that his client entered the house when he heard the sound of a fight between Mr Appleby and Mr Frescon, and asked them to consider that he was there to try to save his friend, Mr. Appleby, from serious injury or death.

Mr Torralba’s attorney, Saul Holt, also alleged that Mr Markovski inflicted the fatal injury and that his client had just entered the room when Mr Frescon was stabbed.

The trial continues.

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