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Caught on camera: A man destroys a neighbour’s flowers set up for Hari Raya, Singapore News

A man in Singapore doesn’t seem to like floral arrangements much, or maybe even Hari Raya for that matter.

A Facebook user, who goes by the name of Zizie Caipirinha, posted a video on Saturday (April 30) of a man vandalizing flower pots outside his apartment.

“Early in the morning, bringing scissors in front of people’s houses to ruin people’s decorations for Hari Raya? [sic]“, wrote Zizie.

“Ready to wake up at dawn just to do this?”

The post was accompanied by CCTV footage showing the man, dressed in a gray t-shirt and blue cap, strolling outside the flat at 5.28am with a pair of scissors in his hand .[0]=AZVSAJWBUt1tiNNffIP0GRtv1sBF185I9w8Q5_ppybfXy5LZ8DZjF1BMGflb-UZKh1vuIY7OpBee9GTYbOPLa9rB8qCn55woXXGb9PPh0ACCxfZj_XRxbTkhS5XSOXHpCZU&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

He then begins to cut off the heads of the orchids, throwing a handful of flowers on the ground and tossing them over the parapet.

According to the post, the man does this every year, and always around the same festive time.

“It’s been going on for every year whenever Hari Raya is around the corner,” the post read.

“Besides, he doesn’t even stay on the same level. So what’s his problem?!” the Facebook user added, revealing that the man is actually a neighbor.

Netizens urged the family to file a police report regarding the matter.

Yes, maybe mediation is needed.

Or maybe even therapy.

This article was first published in The new paper. Permission required for reproduction.

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