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Chennai: Police narrowly escaped in traffic accident filmed | To concern

A policeman from Vepery in Chennai was seriously injured in an accident on August 17. CCTV cameras filmed his narrow escape to death.

A policeman from Vepery in Chennai was seriously injured in an accident on August 17. (Photo: screenshot)

Aadiseshan, a policeman stationed at the Vepery Police Commissioner’s office in Chennai, was seriously injured along with two other people in an accident on August 17.

The incident was captured by CCTV cameras installed in the area and footage showing the cop’s narrow escape has now resurfaced.


A private bus owned by a company named Lucky Travels was passing through Vepery in Chennai when one end of the rope used to tie cargo to the roof of the vehicle came loose. The rope had not been tied correctly.

As a result, the rope, which was only attached to the bus at one end now, floated behind the vehicle at high speed. In the process, the rope began to strike the commuters who were driving behind the bus.

The rope even got tangled with a bicycle, throwing the rider and the passenger of their two-wheelers.

When the bus made a left turn near the police commissioner’s office, policeman Aadiseshan heard the commotion and noticed that a bicycle was being dragged at high speed by the rope of the bus.

He left his stand and in a fraction of a second the rope-dragged bicycle struck Aadiseshan. He was thrown into the air as the tangled rope completely destroyed the cabin.

Commuters rushed to help Aadiseshan and others affected. The bus was stopped before it could cause further damage.

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