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Child care home and new parking lot CCTV camera among planning requests in the district of Gedling this week

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Plans for a child care home in Bestwood and the car park CCTV camera in Carlton Square are among the planning requests that were filed this week in the Borough of Gedling.

Every week, dozens of planning requests are submitted to the board – and the recent coronavirus pandemic hasn’t changed that.

Here is the list of requests that have been submitted and validated by the Gedling Borough Council over the past week.

Visit the council website HERE the links below to learn more and express yourself …


Front extension on one level (porch)
9 Astle Court Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 6RU
Ref. N °: 2021/1341

Building a new home on land adjacent to 4 Newcombe Drive, Arnold, Nottingham
4 Newcombe Drive Arnold NG5 6RX
Ref. N °: 2021/1331

Semi-detached 2 bedroom unit
92 Gleneagles Drive Arnold NG5 8QR
Ref. N °: 2021/1328

Two-storey side extension
443 Mapperley Plains Arnold NG3 5RW
Ref. N °: 2021/1327

Front elevation garage
42 Jenned Arnold Road NG5 8FT
Ref. N °: 2021/1329

The demolition of an existing outbuilding and the construction of a new two-bedroom detached bungalow
110 Birchfield Arnold Road NG5 8BS
Ref. No: 2021/1297

Two-story side extension and one-story rear
43 Castleton Avenue Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 6NH
Ref. No: 2021/1295

Single-storey rear extension
3 Bagnall Avenue Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 6FT
Ref. N °: 2021 / 1246PN

Front extension of a floor to form a porch. Loft conversion with front window
86 Sandfield Arnold Road NG5 6QJ
Ref. No: 2021/1236

Layout of a single-storey garden furniture behind the existing single-storey garage.
14 Roxburgh Close Arnold NG5 8RN
Ref. No: 2021/1233


The property is intended to be used as a C3b child care home, providing care for up to 2 children / youth aged 10-18. Children who would reside in the proposed premises need additional support to live in the community.
4 Lacewood Close Bestwood Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG6 8ZL
Ref. N °: 2021/1320

Application file for the construction of a detached house
Adjacent lot 66 Woodchurch Road Bestwood Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1223

Burton Joyce

Construction of an American barn stable block including 4 stables for private use.
Land at the back of 106 Bridle Road Burton Joyce Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 5FP
Ref. N °: 2021/1335

Demolition of the existing garage and lateral extension of a floor
3 Broadmead Burton Joyce NG14 5FL
Ref. N °: 2021/1325

Construction of the dwelling (modification of plot Y2)
Land at Glebe Farm Glebe Drive Burton Joyce NG14 5BA
Ref. N °: 2021/1321

Redevelopment project of an existing housing; two-story front / rear extensions; raising of the existing ridge line, change of existing exterior materials and widening of the existing entrance.
Squirrels Leap Vicarage Drive Burton Joyce NG14 5AG
Ref. N °: 2021/1318

Erection of the front extensions of the ground floor and the ground floor and rear of a floor
44 Gordon Road Burton Joyce Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 5GN
Ref. N °: 2021/1314


Two-storey side extension
14 Castle Close Calverton Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 6LX
Ref. No: 2021/1304


CCTV camera, associated transmission equipment and column
Carlton Square car park Carlton Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1296

Removal of the existing 15m Elara Streetworks monopoly to be replaced by the 20m high Hutchison Engineering Orion V2 Streetworks pole on a new root foundation and associated ancillary development
Proposed telecommunications pole Foxhill Road Central Carlton Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1260

Loft conversion with 3no. new front skylights
62 Cherrywood Gardens Carlton NG3 6LQ
Ref. No: 2021/1252

Construction of a one-story rear extension with a room on the lower ground floor.
48 Hillview Carlton Road NG4 1LD
Ref. No: 2021/1237


Project to extend the ground floor and erect fences and barriers to the road.
Units 1-11 Frank Dye Industrial Estate Mile End Road Colwick Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1247

Use of part of the garage as a laundry room and insertion of a window
21 Fox Covert Colwick NG4 2DD
Ref. No: 2021/1216



Detached garage erection (retrospective)
34 Lowdham Road Gedling Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG4 4JP
Ref. N °: 2021/1315

Approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for the construction of 430 housing units in accordance with framework authorization 2015/1376
Land at Chase Farm (former Gedling Coal Mine), adjacent to Arnold Lane and land off Lambley Lane Gedling Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1294

Demolition of a veranda and erection of a two-story rear extension
21 Keyworth Road Gedling NG4 4JD
Ref. No: 2021/1279


Single-storey side extension small connection Balcony extension
Brooklyn House 5 Ross Lane Lambley Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG4 4PQ
Ref. No: 2021/1251

Partial demolition of the balcony structure on the side and erection of the one-story Conservatory extension at the rear of the property
Spring Lane Farm 382 Spring Lane Lambley NG3 5RQ
Ref. No: 2021/1249


No scheduling request this week


Single-storey rear extension
20 Grover Avenue Mapperley Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 6DJ
Ref. N °: 2021 / 1338PN

Remove the existing roof structure; increase the height of the ridge and the rear extension.
48 Moore Road Mapperley NG3 6EF
Ref. N °: 2021/1330

Single-storey side extension
13 Avenue Lambley Mapperley NG3 6DW
Ref. No: 2021/1309

Build a one-story rear extension
22 Kent Road Mapperley Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 6BE
Ref. No: 2021/1253

Single-storey side extension
23 Bailey Drive Mapperley NG3 5US
Ref. No: 2021/1250



Two-storey rear extension project
29 Tilford Road Newstead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 0BU
Ref. No: 2021/1255


Internal work proposed to facilitate the reconversion of 9A and 9B into a single dwelling, external repair work.
9A and 9B Main Street Papplewick Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 8FD
Ref. No: 2021/1306

Ash T5 – Fallen due to ash dieback which would cause injury to people in the garden and damage to the adjacent yew if the main branches fail.
5 Hall Mews Hall Lane Papplewick Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 8FW
Ref. N °: 2021 / 1243TPO


Proposed 2 storey side extension following the demolition of the existing one story side extension and the construction of an oak frame garage in the front garden.
7 Mansfield Road (North) Ravenshead NG15 9HA
Ref. N °: 2021/1344

Demolition of an existing dwelling during the construction of a new single- or two-story detached house living house
14 Regina Ravenshead Crescent NG15 9AE
Ref. N °: 2021/1323

Extension and conversion of the attic into an existing garage.
3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 9HD
Ref. No: 2021/1303

Red hill

Single-storey facade extension
3 Enderby Redhill Gardens NG5 8LX
Ref. N °: 2021/1334

Two story rear extension, one story rear extension and detached garage removal
22 Lilleker Rise Redhill NG5 8HS
Ref. No: 2021/1226

Stoke Bardolphe

No scheduling request this week


Front and side extension on one level
Five Oaks Foxwood Lane Woodborough Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 6ED
Ref. N °: 2021/1337


Add a 3 x 4m orangery extension. Single-storey rear extension.
22 Villiers Road Woodthorpe Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 4FB
Ref. N °: 2021/1339

2 story rear extension, one story side extension and new rear skylight.
131 Woodthorpe Drive Woodthorpe NG3 5JL
Ref. N °: 2021/1322

Extension of an existing balcony
15 Maltby Road Woodthorpe NG3 5QZ
Ref. No: 2021/1301

Change of use of the 2 bedrooms on the first floor from residential to hairdressing and beauty
W & Co Hair 4 Wensley Road Woodthorpe Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 4JT
Ref. No: 2021/1302

Single storey rear extension to replace existing veranda and kitchen extensions.
54 Breck Hill Road Woodthorpe NG5 4GQ
Ref. No: 2021/1259

Extension of the house to create a new shower room, laundry room and solarium
2 Plains Grove Woodthorpe NG3 5QU
Ref. No: 2021/1235

Side and rear extension project of one storey, attic conversion with raised ridge and gable construction
36 Route Tunstall Woodthorpe NG5 4JZ
Ref. No: 2021/1232

Roof extensions at the rear of the property
19 avenue Grafton Woodthorpe NG5 4GD
Ref. No: 2021/1224

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