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Child stolen from camera found at BJP leader’s house; She wanted a son after having a daughter

Lucknow: A baby stolen from Mathura railway station in Uttar Pradesh has been found at the home of a Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) councilor in Firozabad. Vinita Agarwal, a BJP leader and Firozabad Municipal Corporation ward councilor, had paid Rs 1.80 lakh for the child to a gang involved in such a practice. The seven-month-old child was abducted by a gang of six people involved in the business of selling such children. Mathura Railway Police arrested eight people including a couple of doctors, the BJP leader, her husband and four members of the gang who stole the child. The arrested doctor couple Prem Bihari and Dayawati run Banke Bihari Hospital in Nawal Nagar, Hathras and were selling children to people without issue.

It can be mentioned that a child was robbed at Mathura station on August 24 while he was sleeping with his mother on the platform. CCTV footage from the platform showed that in the early hours of the morning a youngster approached the sleeping mother and took the child away. Police officials informed that, based on CCTV footage, an extensive search operation had been carried out over the past six days in various towns. The railway police task force traveled 800 kilometers and raided more than two dozen locations to find the stolen child. During the raids, the police team discovered the hospital in Hathras where this trade in stolen children was taking place.

The railway police first caught the doctor couple, questioned them who confessed to stealing children and informed them that a gang was exploiting the whole thing. While some of the gang members rob children, the others discover clients and charge a high amount. The couple of doctors informed that the poor who spend the night on the station platforms are the usual prey for them. Two female gang members named Vimlesh and Poonam also work as nurses at the hospital run by the doctor couple.

During the investigation, it was discovered that BJP adviser Vinita Agarwal and her husband Krishna Murari Agarwal approached the child doctor couple who finalized the deal for Rs 1.80 lakh. While the BJP adviser initially denied paying anything for the child, but upon questioning it was found that the doctor couple had taken the money.

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