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City, the RCMP is looking to create a registry of security cameras

The City of Prince George and the Prince George RCMP are asking residents and businesses to voluntarily register their surveillance cameras in an online database.

The registry will be managed by the city and accessible to members of the RCMP, to allow them to quickly identify the locations and owners of potential video evidence to support their investigations.

“We spend an enormous amount of time” looking for potential evidence from video cameras when crimes occur, the RCMP superintendent said. Shaun Wright told City Council Monday night.

“Obviously it’s voluntary in nature,” Wright said. “(But) it’s a tool that I think is going to be very valuable to us.”

The availability of cheap, user-friendly security camera systems – like doorbell cameras – means there has been a significant increase in the number of homes and businesses that now have cameras, he added.

“The City of Prince George is pleased to participate in this program in the interest of preventing crime and improving public safety in the community,” said City Manager of Public Safety Adam Davey in a statement released on Tuesday. “We certainly encourage all residents with security recording devices on their property or place of business to register and be part of the registry. Your details will remain confidential and you will only be contacted in the event of an incident nearby.

To register, go online at Residents are asked to provide their contact details and camera details. Data will only be shared with law enforcement for the purpose of identifying potential video footage related to law enforcement investigations.

For more information, email [email protected]

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