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Cop slaps miner repeatedly in Gujarat’s Vadodara, caught on CCTV and hung

A police officer in Vadodara, Gujarat was filmed repeatedly slapping a young child. A complaint was filed and he was suspended.

A police officer repeatedly slapped a child in Vadodara, Gujarat on Saturday. (Picture: Screenshot)

A police officer has been suspended after repeatedly slapping a 13-year-old child at a market in Vadodara in Gujarat on Saturday, an official said.

The incident, which happened around 8:45 p.m. on Saturday at Nandesari market in Vadodara, was caught on CCTV.


The policeman was identified as Shaktisinh Pavra. He was attached to the Chhani police station, a control room official said.

“Pavra had driven to another police station in town in his company vehicle and was returning when he noticed the child muttering to him as he crossed the road. He got out, slapped the child several times and also twisted his arm, all of this was captured by a nearby CCTV camera,” the official said in a PTI report.

After a complaint was filed and an investigation opened, the Area I Deputy Police Commissioner suspended the officer for misconduct, the official added.

Commenting on the incident, Vadodara Police Commissioner Shamsher Singh tweeted, “Such misconduct can never be tolerated. The cop was suspended from duty with immediate effect. Strict measures will be taken after the investigation.

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