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Couple capture ‘haunted’ doll moving on camera

A couple have shared terrifying footage of a doll moving on its own in the middle of the night – and people are seriously freaking out.

Lee and Linzi Steer, from Rotherham, are creepy doll collectors but say this particular doll is a ‘mystery’ after it was sent to them without a note.

You can watch the chilling clip below:

The couple were stunned when they looked at the CCTV footage and discovered the Victorian doll had moved on its own.

When the couple shared the footage on social media, other paranormal fans claimed they looked like a “kid hugging”.

“This particular doll didn’t come to us as haunted. People sent her but didn’t particularly tell us what. [had happened with her]“, says Linzi.

“Usually they leave us notes, but with this doll it was nothing. It was a mystery. We walked in on Friday and we both noticed that the doll was leaning forward. I I said ‘let’s just check the CCTV’.

“No one ever comes in – it’s just me, Lee and Lee’s mum who have the keys. We had to go back to Tuesday [on the cameras] then Lee went ‘oh my god’.

“The doll moves forward in three steps and then her head moves. She turns her head – it’s as if the joints physically move like a human.

The couple were stunned as they watched the CCTV footage. (Kennedy News and Media)

“He was propped up like that. If it was a natural fall he would have fallen to the ground, but he didn’t. The way she was positioned defies gravity.

“This doll is actually heavy and it was tilted. This footage is the first time we’ve seen anything move on camera at the museum – it baffles me. I’m actually skeptical but can’t explain it.”

After posting the clip on social media, Lee and Linzi – who run Project Reveal – say the majority thought he looked like a ghost child playing with the doll.

“A lot of people said the pictures looked real. The main thing people talk about is the joints moving,” Linzi continues.

“We put it online and 99% of them said it looked like a spiritual child who wanted to hug the doll. A lot of people who come to our museum notice children there. is very weird.

“If there’s something attached to the doll we want to work with. We have 11 pieces of different things. [The property] It used to be three miners’ houses but now it’s our museum, a cafe and a little shop.

“We know there was a lot going on in his time, but the details on record are that there were two badly neglected children in there.

“There are records of another child who was burned and scolded to death.”

People are scared of dolls. (Kennedy News and Media)
People are scared of dolls. (Kennedy News and Media)

The couple are opening their museum for private parties and paranormal investigators, with their website claiming they have “five of the 10 most haunted objects that have ever existed”.

“We have a haunted object museum and every weekend there is someone investigating there,” Linzi explains.

“This museum has haunted items from around the world that people send to us and the house itself is very haunted.

“We go there after a team has come to make sure the house is in good condition. We have a lot of dolls and people send them to us. They might think there is something strange about their topic, some think they are haunted.We must have over 200 dolls.

“These particular ones on the shelf are very old. We have one from the 1800s.

“We even have an old morgue table downstairs.”

Lee said, “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. It definitely shocked me.”

The doll can be seen moving in the clip. (Kennedy News and Media)
The doll can be seen moving in the clip. (Kennedy News and Media)

We are officially scared!

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