Dome camera models

Dahua Technology HAC-HDW2241TMQ-A-POC Dome Camera Specifications

System overview

The PoC series includes a camera powered directly from the recorder via the same coaxial cable in which the video is transmitted. The Dahua PoC transmission distance can reach up to 400 meters for AF cameras and 200 meters for AT cameras, which can help to reduce hardware and installation costs and simplify the system.


Stars light
With the adoption of a large-size high-performance sensor and large aperture lens, the camera is able to provide unparalleled performance even in extreme low-light environment. The starlight function allows you to capture more detail and recognize precise colors at night or in scenes with limited lighting.

Wide dynamic range
With advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, Dahua HDCVI camera provides clear details in high contrast light environment. The bright and dark area can get clear video even in high light environment or backlit shadow.

Super Adapt
Integrated with an intelligent algorithm, to change the external environment, the camera can automatically adjust the parameters to present the optimal image, and it solves the configuration problems.

3DNR advanced
3DNR is a noise reduction technology that detects and eliminates random noise by comparing two sequential frames. Dahua’s advanced 3DNR technology provides remarkable noise reduction with little impact on sharpness, especially in limited lighting conditions. In addition, the advanced 3DNR effectively decreases bandwidth and saves storage space.

Smart lighting
The camera is designed with IR illumination for better low light performance. Smart IR is a technology for ensuring uniformity of brightness in the B / W image under low light. Dahua’s unique Smart IR adjusts to the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object and prevents IR LEDs from overexposing images as the object approaches the camera.

Easy installation
The HDCVI quick-install eyeball adopts a quick-install stand, which provides easier installation than the conventional eyeball. Quick-to-install camera reduces time and labor costs.

Protection (IP67, wide voltage)
IP67: The camera passes a series of strict dust and soaking tests. It has dust-proof function, and the case can work normally after being soaked in 1m deep water for 30 minutes.

Wide Voltage: The camera allows ± 30% input voltage tolerance (for some power supplies) (wide voltage range), and it is widely applied to outdoor environment with unstable voltage.

Broadcast-quality audio
Audio information is used as additional evidence in video surveillance applications. HDCVI camera supports transmission of audio signal through coaxial cable. Moreover, it adopts unique audio processing and transmission technology which best restores the audio source and eliminates noise, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the collected audio information.

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