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Dahua Technology IPC-HDBW5442H-ZE IP Dome Camera Specifications

Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizMind is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions comprised of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, Thermal and a software platform that adopts cutting-edge deep learning algorithms. By focusing on customer requirements, WizMind provides accurate, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions for vertical markets.

Series preview

With starlight solution and deep learning algorithm, Dahua WizMind 5 Series network camera has various smart functions including face capture, perimeter protection and people counting, which greatly improves the accuracy of video analysis. The series camera supports dust proof function, waterproof function and vandal proof function, in accordance with IP67 and IK10 standards (supported by some selected models).


Face detection
Dahua face detection technology can detect the face in the image. With the deep learning algorithm, the technology supports detecting, tracking, capturing and selecting the best face image, and then generate a snapshot of the face.

Facial attributes
With the deep learning algorithm, the network camera can recognize facial attributes, such as gender, age, expression, glasses, mouth mask and beard.

Perimeter protection
With the deep learning algorithm, Dahua perimeter protection technology can accurately recognize man and vehicle. In restricted areas (such as pedestrian areas and vehicle areas), intelligent detection false alarms based on target type (such as trip wire, intrusion, fast motion, parking detection, loiter detection and detection assembly) are greatly reduced.

People counting
With the deep learning algorithm, Dahua people counting technology can track and process the moving targets of the human body to achieve the accurate entry, exit and area statistics. By working with the management platform, it generates annual / monthly / weekly / daily reports to meet your needs.

Dahua ePoE technology offers a new way to perform long distance transmission between IP camera and network switch. It enables a more flexible monitoring system design, improves reliability and reduces construction and wiring costs.

Protection (IP67, IK10, wide voltage)
IP67: The camera passes a series of strict dust and soaking tests. It has dust-proof function, and the case can work normally after being soaked in 1m deep water for 30 minutes.

IK10: The enclosure can withstand more than 5 times the punch of a 5 kg hammer falling from a height of 40 cm (Impact energy is 20J).

Wide tension: The camera allows input voltage tolerance of ± 30% (for some power supplies) (wide voltage range), and it is widely applied to outdoor environment with unstable voltage.

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