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Dish Network activates its 5G service in Las Vegas (NASDAQ:DISH)


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After months of delay, Dish Network (NASDAQ: FLAT) plans to shoot on its own on Wednesday 5G mobile service to Las Vegas customers.

It comes as the company scrambles since the T-Mobile/Sprint merger two years ago to build a 5G network and become a government-blessed fourth national wireless competitor as part of the tie-up.

Dish is rolling out its “Project Genesis” in Las Vegas, starting with just one phone so far: the Motorola Edge+, which sells for $899.99.

Dish’s 5G service costs $30/month for unlimited calls, texts and data.

Building a nationwide network would be a difficult task under any circumstances, but Dish is launching the first cloud-based 5G service. It is based on OpenRAN, a newer equipment based on standard technology.

Dish is still promising to launch in 25 major markets to meet the June coverage deadline of 20% of the US population.

Dish and T-Mobile benefited from an agreement that Dish would resell T-Mobile service as it upgraded its own network, and Dish purchased T-Mobile’s prepaid Boost business. That relationship has run into hurdles over T-Mobile’s plans to shut down the old Sprint CDMA network, still used by a number of Boost customers.

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