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Egypt to proceed with comprehensive development of railway network


The Egyptian government is developing its rail network to provide distinguished services to passengers on Cairo’s trains and metro, said Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir.

Wazir said President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered to expand and complete the railway network and to develop and rehabilitate Helwan and Shubra el-Kheima stations.

Wazir added that political leaders have also ordered a giant transport network of environment-friendly means of electric traction, such as the three-line monorail network and the monorail and light rail projects. , which constitute a major qualitative leap in the means of transport of the country.

According to the government, the railway development project is based on several elements, including mobile units (cars and tractors) and rails (rails, stations and level crossings).

In addition to this, it aims to develop the traffic light system to increase the safety and security factors and provide the project sites with all modern equipment, as well as train and educate the workers.

Last year, Egypt experienced several train accidents that left dozens dead and injured.

Wazir inspected Cairo’s main Ramses railway station on Saturday and was briefed on the trial operation of its electronic gates.

He was also informed about the new reservation system and its integration with the old reservation system and electronic portals.

According to the ministry statement, electronic gates have been installed at the stations of Ramses, Giza, Sidi Gaber, Misr in Alexandria and Damanhour to regulate the entry and exit of passengers.

Wazir said the first metro line will be developed to improve train arrival times and the service provided to passengers, develop traffic, communication and central control systems, as well as mobile units by purchasing 55 new trains air-conditioned.

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