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Filmed: a man snatches a child from a woman’s lap in Saharanpur and flees | LOOK


At a time when serious murders and crimes are being recorded, sometimes it seems like nothing shocks us anymore. But an extremely shocking incident took place in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, when a girl and her lover killed her father-in-law.

Moreover, after the murder, both of them hid the corpse in the well dug near their farmland. When the police suspected the girl during the investigation, they didn’t say much but after strict questioning they revealed the secret.

This case concerns the Rahavati village of Meerut. Satyabhan, the father was a 45-year-old farmer who disappeared on October 30 under suspicious circumstances. Afterwards, his family members filed a missing persons complaint at the nearest police station. After that, the police got involved in the investigation.

During the investigation, the police came to find such facts which pointed towards the involvement of Satyabhan’s daughter-in-law behind the disappearance. Later, the police started to interrogate her. At first the girl refused to say. But by asking strictly, the girl revealed all the details of this crime.

SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said on the statement of the girl, the police recovered Satyabhan’s body from a well dug in the field. Soon he was sent for an autopsy and Ankit, the nephew of the deceased, filed a murder complaint against his cousin and his lover.

It is reported that the late Satyabhan learned of the love from the daughter-in-law. After which, he interrupted the girl several times and after she tried to rebel, he even beat up her stepdaughter, which caused the girl to take a bad call, as reported by the ‘accused. She revealed that the two, the daughter and her lover strangled the father to death. And threw his corpse down the tube well. The murder case has been filed and both are currently behind bars. J

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