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Filmed dog could be responsible for Burnie penguin deaths | Avocado


The Tasmanian Department of Natural Resources and Environment is still investigating the deaths of nearly 20 razorbills at Burnie’s West Beach, after confirming the penguins died as a result of a dog attack. The department’s post-mortem investigations confirmed what was suspected when 17 penguins were found dead on December 31. Parks and Wildlife Compliance Coordinator Michael Spaulding said the department is now seeking public assistance to help identify a dog captured on a CCTV camera in the area at the time of the attacks. “It is possible that this dog is the animal responsible for the death of the penguins,” said Spaulding. “We ask anyone who may have information to help identify this dog to please contact us.” IN OTHER NEWS Mr Spaulding said the deaths were a timely reminder that dog owners must be responsible for their pets at all times. “Dogs can do a lot of damage to penguin colonies very quickly,” said Spaulding. “It is important that owners effectively control or contain their pets.” Dog access to reserves is restricted and penalties apply under the National Parks and Reserves Land Regulations 2009 and the Dog Control Act 2000. Amendments to the Dog Control Act in 2019 provide greater protection for dogs. sensitive wildlife, with a new offense for cases where a dog injures or kills sensitive wildlife in declared areas. Anyone with information about the dog pictured or the penguin deaths at West Beach are asked to contact Parks and Wildlife Compliance on 0488 184 847 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Information can also be emailed to compliance @ Information will be treated confidentially. What do you think? Have your say by sending us a letter to the editor using the form below.


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