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First caller from Safemoon Jim Crypto on the Oryen network


Many members of the Safemoon community know Jim Crypto. He told his followers about Safemoon’s potential long before the token’s mad rise to a fully diluted market cap of over $10 billion.

There are many who are loyal to Jim Crypto having earned an incredible sum over the years from quality calls on top projects.

Safemoon (SFM) – The Original Reflection Token

Safemoon has been one of the “millionaire maker” tokens of the past few years, spawning an endless series of “Safe_______” tokens and other think tank-style projects, all trying to emulate the glory of the original.

The concept of reflection was simple. All purchases and sales of the token itself were taxed, with this tax redirected to users’ wallets based on the amount they held.

With the prices rising and people constantly receiving thoughts for the outfit, Safemoon ended up hitting a new wave of millionaires.

After that amazing call, Jim Crypto has given away many more gems since then and points to a new project he saw on the horizon.

Link to video here.

Oryen Network (ORY) – The new kid on the block

Oryen Network is the newest name in DeFi, providing an easy-to-access staking system for everyone, regardless of previous DeFi experience.

With a fixed APY of 90% forever, Oryen is poised to redefine staking as we know it. The team’s Risk-Free Value (RFV) portfolio supports this attractive rate of return, which generates assets over time to deploy in times of intense volatility, ensuring that a price base for ORY is maintained.

In addition to this, the cash is also allocated as a reserve to keep the price of the asset stable even with such an incredible reward rate.

The best part is that you can be a part of it all without even having to stake your tokens in contracts, keeping them where they belong in your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Currently on presale now, watch the full video to see Jim Crypto’s take on the future of Oryen Network. This may be a buy “at the bottom of the bear market” that you would regret missing out on.


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