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Foreigner caught on camera stealing helmet from unattended motorbike in Seminyak

CCTV footage from a parking lot in Sunset Road, Seminyak, has circulated showing a foreign man ripping a helmet off an unattended motorbike on Saturday.

The theft of the helmet took place in the parking lot of a Korean supermarket. Judging from the footage, which was widely shared by the community’s social media accounts, the theft of protective gear appeared to involve two strangers, one of whom was likely serving as a lookout.

The footage also shows a stranger, who was already wearing a helmet, riding his motorbike into an empty parking space. From the corner of the screen, he grabs another helmet off a parked motorcycle and drives off, disappearing as quickly as he entered.

Originally posted by @viieang21she wrote that there were two people involved in the theft, and that both were not from the island.

Bali Coconut contacted her for more information.

The culprits and the victim of the video have not been identified.

As is also the case throughout Indonesia, it is very common for motorcyclists in Bali to leave their helmets on their vehicle when parked in a public space – although some choose to carry their helmets with them. As such, helmet theft is nothing out of the ordinary in the country.

This story also adds to the list of incidents in which strangers misbehave on the Island of the Gods. Recently, a TikTok video circulated showing strangers riding a motorbike – presumably a rental one – over ocean waves, potentially damaging the vehicle.

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