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Full Sail University’s Dante Audio Network connects the institution’s innovative and immersive AV media production campus-wide – rAVe [PUBS]

Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress, home of the Armada. March 2021

How Full Interconnectivity Creates a Richer AV Media Production and Learning Experience

Portland, OR, July 13e 2022 — For more than 40 years, Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, has provided comprehensive, real-life education in entertainment, media, arts, and emerging technologies like no other. Full Sail staff have always embraced the latest audio-visual technologies for student learning, skill development, and providing state-of-the-art tools on campus, including a campus-wide Dante audio network, which is become a regularly used platform within the university. Infrastructure.

The university was an early adopter of networked audio in its educational offerings and in its studio and live productions. Over the years, as Dante grew in prominence in the industry, the university eventually made a substantial investment in Dante-enabled Focusrite RedNet equipment, strengthening Dante as the campus audio network standard.

“It was really our first big push into Dante, and from there the platform rolled out all over our campus. There are very few places here that it doesn’t touch,” explained Vince Lepore, Technical Operations Manager for the event at Full Sail University “We use it for education and production at almost every level on campus. Not a day goes by that I don’t use Dante.” in one way or another.

The Dante Platform is a complete AV-over-IP solution that transports audio, video, and control data over standard 1 Gb Ethernet networks. Supported in over 3,000 Dante-enabled products from over 500 manufacturers, Dante replaces point-to-point analog and digital connections with software routing, effortlessly sending AV channels anywhere on the network with perfect digital fidelity.

With its early roots as a recording studio and as a center for the recording arts, the Full Sail program is delivered via immersive teaching methods in the actual classrooms of the university, the studios of production, performance spaces and via a very robust online learning environment. Full Sail’s creative approach delivers a fast-paced, highly relevant learning experience that reflects the workflow and collaboration found in today’s music, performance, and audiovisual industries. today.

Communicating spaces

According to Lepore, the university’s Dante network is a constant work in progress. Currently, an effort is underway to equip classrooms with Dante-enabled equipment. The standard classroom footprint includes Shure MX-series microphones, QSC Q-SYS networked audio processors, and a mix of I/O options, mixers, monitors, and more, depending on the room. Full Sail’s lab spaces are also equipped with a range of Dante-enabled digital audio consoles from manufacturers including Yamaha, DiGiCo and Calrec.

“Many of our facilities, whether it’s recording studios, live event production facilities, or our additional classrooms, are all equipped with Dante connectivity,” Lepore said. “Parts that are currently built with Dante are Zoom-based, and audio coming in and out of Zoom systems is all Dante.”

The university’s flagship performance venue, Full Sail Live, hosts a wide range of events – from concerts and large-scale productions to graduations and new student orientations. It’s a very diverse space with Dante fully integrated in many ways. The university’s esports facility, Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress, is a large multi-purpose indoor space primarily used to support the university’s esports team, Armada. From microphones to speakers and everything in between, the Fortress audio system is virtually entirely Dante.

“We opened Fortress in 2019, and Dante was very mature at that time, so it was obvious that we would bring Dante and his industry-leading capabilities into the industry,” added Lepore. “Audio-wise, Dante is an integral part of Fortress esports operations.”

Flexible tools

In addition to the Dante infrastructure installed, students enrolled in the Full Sail’s Show Production Licensing Program receive a Dante Virtual Soundcard license for use on their laptops. The Virtual Sound Card turns a computer into a Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating any PC or Mac with Dante audio devices on the network. With Dante virtual sound cardstudents can instantly connect to a Dante network to record, process, and playback using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices.

“Besides the campus-wide Dante network, all virtual sound card licenses and Dante Controller for management and configuration, we also use tons of Dante AVIO adapters,” Lepore said. “AVIO Adapters are everywhere here – they are like little Swiss Army knives; they are amazing tools.

Dante AVIO adapters allow users to connect any audio equipment or computer to a Dante network – providing the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking provides. Available in a range of USB, XLR and Bluetooth configurations, Dante AVIO in/out adapters connect audio devices to any Dante network with no software installation required.

One of the most significant but perhaps least visible uses of Dante is as a university campus-wide intercom system. Full Sail uses a Dante-based system from RTS. In fact, almost two-thirds of the devices in Lepore’s configuration are RTS Intercom devices.

“Our Dante-based intercom footprint is large. We’ve been using RTS for many years, and it’s probably the technology our team relies on the most,” Lepore said. intercom several times a day, and all of these communications are routed through Dante.”

Upcoming deployments

Lepore explained that with the volume of Dante devices on the university’s network, one of their goals for 2022 is to deploy Dante Domain Manager network-wide.

“When we consider remote and on-campus students and staff, we provide services to over 20,000 people. There is a lot of activity on our Dante networks,” Lepore said. “I’m excited about Dante Domain Manager, and I think it will be a great benefit for us.”

Dante Domain Manager is a server-based solution that provides a centralized and comprehensive view of the entire network audio deployment. This makes it easy to set user access to any area of ​​the system, and the alerts and system audit log ensure any issues are quickly identified and resolved.

“Overall, when it comes to Dante, it all comes down to the flexibility, reliability and confidence we have in the system,” Lepore said. “Among our staff and student body, we have built an excellent knowledge base on Dante, and its wide use on our campus is evident.”

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