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Generocity Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc | Director, Corporate Engagement

Essential functions

Strategic direction

Embody PYN core values ​​in relationships with PYN staff and partners

· Always represents the organization in a professional manner, acting with the highest levels of integrity and personal accountability

Contribute to the growth and development of the strategic development of the department

Participate as a member of the leadership team ensuring that management and planning are optimized for the health and well-being of the organization

Collaborate with members of the leadership team to support and achieve the organization’s strategic and divisional goals

Develop a departmental vision that integrates divisional and organizational goals

Provide staff support and input to the PYN Board Results and Impact Committee

· Assist in the hiring of newly added and/or vacant positions and temporary employees; conduct annual department staff performance reviews and implement appropriate professional development tools and training to maximize operational effectiveness and ensure achievement of employee goals and performance benchmarks

Employer engagement and management

· Develop and lead PYN’s employer engagement strategy.

· Raising funds from the corporate/business community.

Ensure the development, delivery and reporting of employer recruitment strategies for year-round and summer workforce development programs that support youth and young adult populations to through Philadelphia

· Recruit new employers to invest in PYN programming.

Maintain a system to ensure high quality experiences and outcomes for partner employers

Research, understand and present workforce trends at local, regional and national levels

Support opportunities for employer feedback (e.g. surveys and focus groups)

Maintain a system for tracking employer contacts and engagements

Engagement and management of partners

· Responsible for representing PYN at various citywide strategic partnerships that focus on or support employment pathways for youth and young adults.

Responsible for cultivating city, regional and national relationships that support career-related education programs and employment pathways for the populations we serve

Program and project management

Lead special projects with education or career-related employment path ties that PYN wishes to incubate/pilot

· Develop and share resources with employers to build their capacity to deliver high quality programs.

Other assigned duties

Tax management

· Develop and monitor the department’s budget and manage expenditures in accordance with funding rules.

Team management and development

· Manage the staff of the Business Engagement department.

Establish a culture of coaching and professional development by establishing a learning plan for each direct report that meets leadership alignment standards, ensures regular performance review meetings, and documents contributions to vision and goals organisation.

· Develop and implement a system to assess the skills, experience and professional development needs of all staff.

· Work with staff to develop objective performance measures to ensure consistent, high quality assessment and goal setting for all employees.

· Instill a sense of accountability among team members by modeling close monitoring of individual and organizational performance standards.

Establish service vision focused on improving staff engagement within the team and internal/external partners

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