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Generocity Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc | Program manager

Essential functions

Project management and program implementation: This position is responsible for the management and implementation of education and/or employment programs and projects within the Philadelphia Youth Network. management. This includes developing and implementing training, ongoing technical assistance, and overseeing the execution of all programmatic requirements. This may include, but is not limited to, recruitment, enrollment, job placement, professional development, youth payment, HIPAA and PII training, and special projects as needed.

Partnership management: This position is responsible for developing and managing relationships with new and existing partners required to deliver program services. This position will communicate regularly with partners to share program requirements, timelines, updates, provide technical assistance, share resources and other aspects of best practices.

This position will serve as the primary point of contact for subcontracted vendors, recruiting partners, school partners and other community organizations, depending on the portfolio.

Data entry, analysis and report: This position is responsible for written narrative updates on providers and programs, including reflection on successes, challenges, and recommended program updates based on data. This position also ensures that the necessary qualitative and quantitative metrics are captured and reports are developed and used for vendor management. This position is responsible for data entry into the necessary systems (i.e. PYNDEX, ETO, Client Track), data mining and providing programmatic updates to internal and external partners and the implementation of program surveys.

This position is responsible for maintaining comprehensive metrics records by vendor and program across multiple programs.

Directing the work of others: This position will oversee and direct the work of seasonal staff as needed to carry out WorkReady summer functions.

Tax management: This position is responsible for expenditures against certain programmatic budget line items (i.e. recruitment and outreach, support services, incentives, events/convening) and following organizational policies and procedures necessary to expenses.

Other tasks as needed: This position is responsible for other duties as required including support to other teams, QR and other responsibilities as capacity permits.

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