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Genesis Global Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched version 2.0 of the Marketing Assistant System application, creating a win-win ecology for all three parties

Recently, Genesis Global Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched version 2.0 of the Marketing Assistant System application, creating a win-win ecology for the platform, businesses and consumers, helping e-commerce platform products to increase the exposure of the brand and better access. to users.

In January 2021, Genesis Global officially introduced the e-commerce service concept of the Marketing Assistant System application, and officially launched the 1.0 test version in January 2022, implemented the cloud correspondence system function, and officially launched the 2.0 version in June this year. .

After 6 months, Amazon has over 500,000 businesses parked in Genesis Marketing APP. The APP also signs protection contracts with some big famous brands, allowing every APP user not to miss orders.

United Kingdom Genesis Global Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a network technology company dedicated to software development, technology innovation and application, technology export and service and other related fields. The Marketing Assistant System application is a triple combination of people network, Internet of things, Internet, integrating the application of 5G, artificial intelligence and big data cloud intelligent system. The business modules cover online shopping, social e-commerce, live streaming, online education, knowledge payment and other fast-growing industries, forming an ecosystem and creating a closed business loop.

The core concept of Genesis Global Marketing Assistant App.

It follows the law of two or eight in the world of products, i.e. 80% of the products create 20% of the performance and 20% of the products create 80% of the performance. A similar split is seen among sellers, with 80% small and medium sellers accounting for 20% market share and 20% excellent and large sellers accounting for 80% market share. Small and medium sellers are far inferior to large and excellent in terms of capital, talent, technology and even technicalization. The Genesis Global Marketing Assistant application provides businesses with marketing tools, reduces marketing costs, and offers intermediate benefits to users, creating a win-win situation for all three parties.

Genesis Global offers the corporate philosophy: All global economies are powered by consumers, who should obtain rights and benefits based on the value of their contributions, i.e. the rights and benefits of the consumption. Consumers create value and wealth for companies, but they do not participate in the distribution of the total value of the company. Genesis Global is committed to introducing a revolutionary way to break the traditional mode of consumption, by calling on global companies to allocate a portion of total company value to consumers.

Companies help users to purchase goods using the Marketing Assistant system application. By doing so, online product ranking, sales, and credit are all improved. Amazon’s online e-commerce businesses can achieve higher search rankings on the platform. For example, users choose to search by “sales search” when searching on the platform, because higher sales are more likely to be seen by users, in order to gain exposure to the Mark.

E-commerce company commission is issued when the task is completed each day

As a promoter of the Genesis Marketing Assistant application, you will also receive a commission for helping the company complete the sales tasks. The platform defines six zones based on the price of different products. Users can get a commission of 0.6% to 1.2% at the end of each task and then withdraw at any time.

In the future, Genesis Marketing Assistant APP will also cooperate with other famous websites such as eBay, AliExpress, Wish, Zalora, Shopee, etc. Through the cloud intelligent system service, quick matching and order placement will become reality. The platform will also provide users with reasonable commission and profit to achieve a win-win situation for all three parties.

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