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GYM NETWORK: the future of investing


Investing has always been a risky business, and the biggest concern among most is which platform to choose. More so, those that are mildly reliable don’t offer high rewards, which negates all the interest of investing. But that changes with GYM NETWORK, a decentralized protocol based on Binance Smart Chain. It not only provides security and transparency of transactions, but offers high returns and attractive rewards on investment.


If you ever search for a De-Fi project, there would be hundreds of results, but not all of them fit your needs or are trustworthy. The number could be fixed at 3-5 if we are lenient in this regard. But the team behind GYM NETWORK has managed to eliminate all the problems previously encountered and design a platform that offers you the best.

GYM NETWORK selects the best investment options and presents them as safes to investors with the risk factor associated with each. These options (initially, it’s just Alpaca, but more to be added in the coming days) offer high returns. On top of that, investors receive rewards in the form of $GYMNET, the native token on GYM NETWORK. Its total supply is capped at 4,000,000,000, and tokenomics is designed to provide users with short and long-term rewards, in addition to ensuring the platform’s development and success.

It’s not that you have to invest regularly to win big. There are various options offered to users by the GYM NETWORK to earn passive income. Many who are not regular on the platform go with these.

Besides the affiliate system, as we will see later, one of the easiest ways to earn passive income is to go farming, which means adding your holdings to liquidity and earning regular income from them. . This way, instead of lying around in your wallet, the currently held tokens would help pocket additional rewards.

Additionally, those who maintain their $GYMNET collection receive rewards on buy and sell orders. 1% of each buy order and 4% of each sell order is split between token holders. It’s raining rewards on GYM NETWORK and now is your chance to strike it rich.

Affiliate system to earn passive rewards

Users need a referral code to join the platform. And once they join, they use their own referral code to entice others to join. The pyramid thus formed helps everyone earn rewards when the guest user invests in the vault. A portion of the ALPACA and $GYMNET rewards will be shared with the guest. Additionally, the affiliate system works through a smart contract, which almost negates the backlog and eliminates the need for a middleman, thus making it faster and safer.

It’s even better ! There are 16 levels in the referral system, with the rewards increasing as the user progresses through the levels. When a user reaches level 14 or above, they automatically begin to receive a share of the overall profit and rewards generated through the GYM NETWORK, which is independent of their team structure. So, get more people to join you and increase your passive income. Collecting rewards has never been easier!

Why should I buy the $GYMNET token?

As you know, $GYMNET is the native token on GYM NETWORK and will be used to reward investors, and those who keep their tokens will additionally receive benefits on every sell and buy order.

Another critical aspect that encourages users not only to hook up, but also to buy the $GYMNET token is the right to vote. With this, they can introduce proposals to further improve the system. This is based on the idea of ​​the team that GYM NETWORK is a community platform, and it will be the collective opinion of token holders that will decide the way forward. Remember that the weight of the votes will depend on the number of tokens held by a user. So, if you want to be a deciding factor, invest more to earn $GYMNET in the form of rewards, and also buy the token directly from the exchanges.

Next are the protective tools designed to prevent a sudden drop in the value of $GYMNET. No user can sell more than 50% of their token holdings in a single day. Additionally, it would be guaranteed that no one could hold more than 3% of the total token supply in a wallet. Additionally, bot protection is in place that automatically identifies suspicious activity.

Another reason why the value of $GYMNET will see a slope is the Buy-Back and Burn program. When tokens are burned, the total number in circulation decreases, increasing the individual value of the remaining tokens. You can check the total number of tokens burned so far on the official website.

So, if you were looking for the right De-Fi platform to invest, GYM NETWORK will prove to be one of the safest and most transparent.

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