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Halloween decorations used to mock a Hit & Run official on camera


New Jersey residents have used Halloween decorations to mock their local councilman for refusing to resign after he allegedly hit a cyclist and fled the scene.

Jersey City Councilor Amy DeGise has been called to resign over the July 19 alleged hit-and-run in which she allegedly ran into a cyclist who ran a red light. She left the scene and didn’t report the crash until six hours later, prompting some locals to wonder why she hadn’t stopped then and waited hours to get to the police. The crash was captured by CCTV footage reported by the Hudson County View, but De Gise resisted calls to resign.

A Jersey City resident used the Halloween setting to argue that DeGise should quit. They decorated the outside of the house with cutouts of DeGise appearing to ride in a biker – with the victim thrown through the air.

Ayla Schermer, posted a video of the Halloween decor on Twitter, captioning the “scariest Halloween decor in #JerseyCity, hands down #ResignDeGise”.

Ultimately, the cyclist, later identified as Andrew Black, suffered no serious injuries in the crash and was able to get up and out of the street, according to CCTV footage.

DeGise spokesman Phil Swibinski told the Hudson County View in July that the councilwoman had “no intention of backing down from her commitment to serve the people of Jersey City.”

“She would very much like to address this situation further, but there is a legal process that must take place first and she will not be making any further public comment at this time. As she has previously said, she is grateful that no one was seriously injured and she fully intends to speak out more when the legal process is over. She will continue to work hard to serve the people who elected her, as she has done since her inauguration in January. “, did he declare.

DeGise then faced more controversy after body camera footage emerged showing her pleading with a police officer not to tow her car for a recording that expired in 2019.

In this image, a police tape is seen on December 11, 2019 in Jersey City, where Councilman Amy DeGise resisted calls to resign over a hit and run in July. Local residents mocked DeGise using Halloween props months after the accident.
Rick Loomis/Getty Images

In the November 2021 video, DeGise is seen pleading with an officer not to tow her car, noting that her recording may have been lost in the mail. She also said that a member of her family was a police officer and that she had received approval from the local police as part of her advice.

“I was approved by the Jersey City police, I’m a councillor,” she said. She also called John Allen, who works with Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, according to video reported by the Hudson County View.

Residents — led by local progressives — held a rally in July demanding his resignation, according to the Hudson Reporter.

“I’m not here looking for a vendetta, I’m not here looking for any of this,” Black said at the rally, according to the reporter. “All I seek is justice, and the way we get justice is here today, look at us.”

Newsweek contacted DeGise’s office for comment.

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