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How to forget about the Wifi network on Mac

There are many reasons why you might choose to forget about a Wi-Fi network, especially when troubleshooting wireless network issues. Whatever the causes, here are some solutions to quickly forget your Wi-Fi network.

How to delete a Wi-Fi network on a Macbook?

Here’s how to remove a Wi-Fi network on a Macbook.

  1. Head to the Toolbar at the top of the Mac Home screen.
    (You can also choose to navigate to the Wifi settings by clicking on the Apple Logo at the far left of the menu bar and towards the System Preferences)
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi icon present on the menu bar.
  3. As soon as you click on it, a menu bar appears. Click on the Advanced Options at the bottom of the
  4. The advanced option leads to another bin with detailed options based on the management of your computer networks.
  5. You will notice a list of Wi-Fi networks located under Preferred networks.
  6. Select the Network you want to be deleted and press the () located on --- sign
  7. Your Macbook will then reconfirm the option in another dialog box.
  8. Select the To delete option. The selected Wi-Fi is now deleted. remove-network

How do I remove the Wi-Fi network using Keychain Access?

Apple devices have a file called Keychain Access which stores all of your IDs, passwords, and other information related to your Macbook accounts. This file also allows you to access your Wi-Fi network passwords.

You can also delete your Wi-Fi network through this file. Follow the steps below to delete your Wi-Fi network via Keychain Access.

  1. Open Launching ramp on your Macbook.
  2. To research Key ring in the search bar at the top of the Launchpad.
  3. Click on the Keychain Access Application. key fob access application
  4. As soon as you open the app, the list of saved passwords in your current and connected iOS devices will appear. Press the column with the Kind enlisted category.
  5. This makes it easier to distinguish between AirPort network passwords.
  6. Control press on the Wi-Fi network that you would like to forget.
  7. Select the To delete option. delete-your-network

How do I recover a Wi-Fi password using Keychain Access?

After forgetting a Wi-Fi network, you might end up in another fix to access it later. There is a file that stores all of our previous passwords.

Keychain Access once again comes to the rescue. You can easily recover your old Wi-Fi passwords by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Access to the keychain in your Macbook.
  2. Under the Kind category, you will find the list of all specified types of saved passwords. Scroll through the Wi-Fi passwords saved in the Airport network password and search for the Wi-Fi network you want to recover.
  3. Control Tap on the network you want to recover and select the Obtain informations option.obtain informations
  4. Another dialog box will appear with details based on the selected Wi-Fi. Select the Show password option.verify-display-password
  5. This will guide you to another dialog box, prompting you to enter your Keychain access password. Enter your Macbook login password (Username Password) and press OK.enter-the-key-password
  6. You have now successfully recovered your Wi-Fi password.showing-password

How to prioritize your Wi-Fi networks?

Instead of forgetting about networks, you can also choose to prioritize stronger Wi-Fi networks. Saving old networks instead of deleting them helps you keep old networks available for rainy days. Here are some quick steps to prioritize a network:

  1. Following the steps mentioned above, navigate to the Network settings.
  2. Press the Advanced button.
  3. This opens another box with all Wi-Fi network connections placed under Network name. List of networks
  4. Simply, select the connection to the Wi-Fi network that you want to prioritize and move it over other Wi-Fi networks. The higher the Wi-Fi placement, the higher the priority.NETWORK PRIORITY
  5. So the next time you open your Macbook and try to connect to a known Wi-Fi network, it will connect according to the priority in the list.

Why is my Wi-Fi network late?

Your router can typically support up to 250 devices at a time. However, if there are a lot of connected devices, the bandwidth will be distributed. This may ultimately lead to delay and poor reception.

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