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How will the high-speed network benefit Maharashtra? Here’s what State ADG and cybersecurity expert Brijesh Singh have to say


In an exclusive interview, Additional Director General of Maharashtra Police and cybersecurity expert Brijesh Singh explains how the launch of 5G network will benefit Maharashtra and what the opportunities and challenges are.

Q: Why is the launch of the 5G network important for Maharashtra and how will it help bridge the urban-rural divide?

A: The launch of the 5G network will increase speed, connectivity and more bandwidth. It will be able to connect simultaneously to a large number of devices which will reduce energy consumption. It will also reduce battery consumption by a factor of degrees. The user experience will be the same in urban and rural areas. At present, accessibility in rural areas was limited due to bandwidth, but 5G network will open huge bandwidth even for rural customers.

Industries will also benefit from it in case of maintenance report, troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, warehousing.

Q: How is Maharashtra equipped to take advantage of the 5G network?

A: Maharashtra has one of the highest internet penetration rates. With a high literacy rate and more bandwidth, the commercialization of the 5G network will be faster as it will open up huge commercialization opportunities in the state. Since there are agricultural users, drone users, businesses will also benefit. With real-time drones, they can be controlled from anywhere and they can be used for spraying insecticides and pesticides in agriculture and for crop monitoring. Apart from that, agriculture and health services will also benefit immensely.

Q: What are the opportunities and challenges?

A: 5G technology will increase data collection. In rural areas, since the availability of high bandwidth and excellent network speed, business will be boosted. There would be more opportunities in rural areas. People come to cities for urban infrastructure, but the application of 5G technology can reduce overcrowding by providing excellent, good quality services in rural areas. Companies can focus on the value chain to reduce costs.

When it comes to challenges, government can step in and facilitate an ecosystem of providers that can leverage them to deliver public digital infrastructure. Civic bodies can benefit from it.

The deployment of the 5G network will open up opportunities for qualified specialists, electricians, repairers and those who will be needed for installations.

Q: How will the 5G network help fight cybercrime?

A: The police will have to learn to adapt to the new technology. This is necessary because on 5G devices the location barometers will be entirely different as well as the data sharing formats. The police will have to invest in new devices for forensic analysis, hardware, software and even capabilities to handle this.

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