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Illustra IQS02CFICWSN IP Dome Camera Specifications

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world’s largest fire protection and security company, announces the launch of Illustra Edge, a full-featured high-definition video system combining an IP camera and video management system software ( VMS) exacqVision Edge preinstalled. and SD storage in one out-of-the-box solution. The new Illustra Edge product line provides everything you need to automatically connect and configure in minutes.

Ideal for small installations

Ideal for small installations with up to 10 cameras – or remote sites where server hardware installations are inconvenient – the Illustra Edge solution provides a simple and efficient way to deploy a high definition IP video system without incurring the cost of separate server hardware setup and configuration, since server software and video storage are built into the camera. For system setup, just mount the camera, connect it and start monitoring live and recorded video. Illustra Edge comes preconfigured with a server license included for easy and automatic installation. For larger applications and enterprise solutions, a simple license upgrade to exacqVision Edge + makes this solution expandable to an unlimited number of servers.

Ability to view live or recorded video

With the included exacqVision Edge software, users have the option to simultaneously view live or recorded video from multiple Illustra Edge devices or server-based recorders. The included VMS software allows users to export video search results, view alarm events on screen, and get instant replay of video and audio events via exacqReplay. The exacqVision client software works on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. In addition, users can install the free web service software on a separate PC to view the video on a web browser, tablet or smartphone.

The Illustra Edge recording solution offers high reliability because there is no single point of server failure. If one camera fails, the others will continue to stream and record video. Traffic from the camera to the server is internal and not on the customer’s network, providing low overall network traffic.

Complete video surveillance solution

“This is a complete solution for customers who want to create their own video surveillance solution without additional server costs and complex installation” said Julian Inman, Product Marketing Manager, Video, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. “Whether it’s a small business or retail store, or someone who needs to supplement their business system due to a remote location or intermittent wireless coverage. , the Illustra Edge solution can be deployed to meet their needs. “

Available in three camera models

Illustra Edge is available in three camera models: Illustra Pro 5MP Fisheye, Illustra Pro 2MP Compact Mini-Dome and Illustra Pro 2MP Compact Mini-Bullet. The Illustra Edge fisheye camera has a built-in correction offering real-time 180º / 360º panoramic views or a quad view offering 4 independent “Quad” standardized 4×3 video streams. Its 5 MP capacity gives it the power of two to four cameras for many indoor applications. The Compact Mini-Dome and Mini-Bullet provide high definition video with a wide field of view, IR illumination and wide dynamic range. Although inconspicuous, these versatile cameras come with multiple viewing angles, including corridor mode, making them very useful for hallways, alleys and alleys.

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