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India News | Delhi court orders CCTV interrogation of accused in Pearls group scam case

New Delhi [India]Dec. 25 (ANI): In the case related to the pearl group scam where NS Bhangoo is accused of defrauding 45,000 crore rupees from more than five crore investors in different states, a Delhi court ordered the investigative agency to conduct an investigation under CCTV audiovisual surveillance and allow the Applicant / Accused’s lawyer to be present throughout his questioning by the CBI.

Special Judge Sanjeev Aggarwal also said that it appears that the in-custody interrogation of the above accused persons would be necessary to uncover important leads as well as to determine the detailed modus operandi adopted by the defendants in this case and to determine all the ramifications of the larger alleged conspiracy between these defendants and other defendants.

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On December 23, the CBI arrested MP Mahajan and 10 others in connection with the 45,000 crore Ponzi scheme. On December 23, the court sent them into pre-trial detention by the CBI for 2 days. CBI will produce them again in court today.

Lawyer Vijay Aggarwal as well as lawyers Rhythm Aggarwal and Saurav Chaudhary appearing as one of the defendants in the case before the court that, in order to carry out a fair investigation, it is crucial that the instructions given by the Supreme Court in the Paramvir Singh case be strictly followed.

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According to the directive, the interrogation conducted by the CBI must be conducted under CCTV surveillance.

Av. Vijay Aggarwal argued in court that it is of the utmost importance that a lawyer be present at the time of questioning to ensure that a fair investigation is conducted and that no underhand means are taken. ‘is used to intimidate the accused.

The investigative agency had initially conducted a preliminary investigation into the Supreme Court’s leadership against Pearls Group, which allegedly raised around Rs 60,000 crore from around five crore investors nationwide.

To investigate the role of other defendants in this multi-crore financial scam, which had harmed the interests of millions of investors, further investigation into the case was pursued in light of which the aforementioned defendants were arrested Thursday.

In this case, a senior CBI official said that the 11 people, including Pearls Group employees and businessmen, were arrested in Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and other places during the l further investigation of a case. (ANI)

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