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Indian Diversity Network Launches First Global Chapter in Dubai

based in india Encubay expanded to Dubai to make the startup and investment ecosystem more gender diverse. The Dubai Chapter aims to create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of women entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, businesses and all other key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem; with the aim of leveling the playing field for women founders.

The new presence in Dubai will create a community of founders and funders and help them access networks through Encubay in Dubai and around the world through a series of training sessions, networking events and conferences. It will further create a trade corridor between Dubai and India, as well as a network of existing and potential angel investors to leverage the benefits of angel investing as an asset class.

Deeksha Ahuja, Founder of Encubay and Co-Founder of Encubay Angel Network, said: “Our vision at Encubay has always been to level the playing field for founders globally because we believe women will be at the forefront of the next phase of innovation and change for the world. I was in awe of all the female founders and investors who warmly welcomed Encubay and myself to Dubai. We will actively work to launch other initiatives to foster the growth of women-founded businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. “

The Encubay Dubai chapter will now engage through monthly meetings, workshops and masterclasses. Encubay already includes local and global partners including, Grover & Company, Startup Grind, Ready Set Jet, LexStart, Encubay Angel Network, Yardstick Marketing Management, Evamotion, Strong-her Capital and In5.

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