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Integrated control center ensures safety, network and customer security: Baldwin


Mr. Len Baldwin, Director of Operations at RKH Qitarat, the operator of the Doha Metro, said that the control room located at the headquarters of the Metro ICC has a centralized system which is subject to monitoring and control and focuses on security. customers and the network.

Baldwin added: “Security-wise, this is a fully automated, fourth-generation network that is the most advanced in the world, where all functions are monitored from the ICC via monitor screens in which power supply levels, signaling systems and all service information are monitored. In terms of security, there are many security surveillance cameras and screens in existence and the center also covers all customer service aspects, whether visible in stations or behind the scenes, in addition to the fact that all trains are monitored using security surveillance cameras. .”

He explained that the center has an integrated security control room where the security team works around the clock to monitor the network and ensure the security of the network and its customers and the operation of all necessary systems. to serve customers.

He pointed out that for the convenience of customers, and based on the fact that data and service information is extremely important to them, the center strives to continuously analyze and update data and information in order to provide world-class service to network customers on a daily basis.

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