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Itchy Grizzly Bear charges a camera on a trail in northern Idaho

Make yourself look great! Or, have a really slow boyfriend with you. This grizzly bear was caught on a surveillance camera in a Canadian park. Unaware that his photo is taken, he uses a tree as a backscratcher and then runs away. Towards the camera. As the video says, “Look at those claws! “

Guess you wouldn’t survive an encounter at such a short distance. In a panic, how fast can you reach for the pepper spray? Guess you could rub yourself with garlic, but it can only work against vampires.

Unaware that his photo is taken, he uses a tree as a backscratcher and then runs away.

I’ve never met a grizzly in the wild and really don’t want to meet one. Many years ago I took my daughter and a niece to an amusement park (in Canada, by the way) and there was a large area full of grizzly bears. They were separated from the public by a ditch and a high wall. Yet the public had been feeding them marshmallows for so long that many large beasts paddled under an observation wall and waited for treats. The marshmallows would float. The bears would reach for the water with one paw, then come with the treat and gulp it down in one bite.

We moved on when a pair of bears started putting on another show. Hey, it’s not just monkeys that create families!

The same park also had a bison exhibit. Oddly enough, after all the violent bison posts on this site over the past week, the shaggy animals seemed docile. The girls were only separated by a fence. The bison were so busy grazing that they ignored the children.

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