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Jamshedpur Ramnavami: Police hold flag march, CCTV camera for sensitive locations

Jamshedpur, April 9: A joint team of District Police, RAF and JAP undertook a flag march with Sakchi riot vehicles on Saturday and covered areas like Telco, Burmamines, Jugsalai, Sakchi, Dhatkidih, Kadma Bistupur and a peaked at Gandhi Maidan in Mango.

As part of the security measures, medical teams will be deployed at 19 designated locations mainly on the routes used for the immersion procession, namely Gandhi Maidan roundabout and Mango roundabout (in Mango), Kapali Ghat , Domuhani, Ram Mandir, Bharat Sevashram Sangha (all at Sonari), Ram Mandir (at Bistupur), CCR, Sakchi roundabout (at Sakchi), Bhalubasa roundabout (at Sitaramdera), Agrico roundabout (at Agrico) , Golmuri Roundabout (at Golmuri), Tata Motors Labor Office (at Telco), Rankini Mandir and Sati Ghat (both at Kadma), Baroda Ghat, Jugsalai Crossing and Railway Station Roundabout (all in Jugsalai), roundabout in Burmamines (Burmamines).

Tanker trucks will be available for the immersion procession and parked at the respective police stations.

Meanwhile, East Singhbhum Police also held a flag march ahead of the Ram Navami festival tomorrow.

During the flag march that started from Sakchi, the police went around various sensitive pockets. Apart from senior police officers, SP Tamil Vannan from Jamshedpur also participated in the flag march.

East Singhbhum Police had placed several restrictions on the Ram Navami dumping procession to be released on Monday, April 11. The formalities related to the immersion should be completed by 10 p.m. Moreover, only 100 people can be part of a procession. The muster point for all immersion processions should have no more than 1,000 people, as per guidelines.

The Ram Navami processions will be released on April 11. Due to the pandemic induced by COVID -19, no procession could be taken out in the past two years.

A directive has been issued in this regard to all of the approximately 170 accredited and approximately 30 unaccredited Ram Navami akhara committees. CCTV cameras are said to be installed in no less than 25 sensitive locations in Jamshedpur. In addition, drones will be put into service to keep an eye on the processions.

The district administration also gives top priority to the safety of Ramnavami devotees during the procession.

“We were going to send 11 ambulances to strategic locations leading to different ghats across the city and its outskirts. The ambulance would be equipped with doctors and paramedics and would drive the injured to the nearest hospitals after administering first aid and basic care,” an official added.

Roads crossing sensitive community and residential areas inhabited by minorities would be barricaded for security reasons.

A monitoring cell would be formed comprising civil defense personnel and executive magistrates to conduct surprise inspections of the various akharas committees to see if they are complying with security requirements.

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