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Kenyan mobile network operator company Safaricom launches network in Ethiopia


Kenya’s mobile network operator Safaricom officially launched its network in Ethiopia, making it the first private operator in one of Africa’s largest telecom markets.

This is Safaricom’s first expansion outside of Kenya, where it holds a virtual monopoly in the telecoms and mobile money sectors. Its expansion into Ethiopia will see it compete with Ethiopian telecommunications company Ethio telecom, formerly known as Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation.

State-owned Ethio Telecom has long operated as a monopoly telecommunications company, with 54 million subscribers in Ethiopia.

After the launch of Safaricom in Ethiopia, the network operator intends to roll out its services in 14 cities by April 2023 to cover 25 cities, to enable it to meet the 25% population coverage obligation in its license. .

Speaking at its launch in Ethiopia, company CEO Peter Ndegwa said, “Today I am thrilled at the opportunity for Safaricom Ethiopia to start serving the people of Ethiopia with high quality telecommunications services. .

“We look forward to sharing our vision of transforming lives with Ethiopians, working together to uplift communities and create opportunity through the transformative power of the mobile phone.

“We are optimistic about how the technology and connectivity we provide will contribute to a digital future and ultimately transform people’s lives through digital solutions. »

“We have deepened digital and financial inclusion in Kenya by connecting people to people, people to opportunities and people to information.

“With these lessons and experiences, we look forward to positively impacting the people of Ethiopia with a sustainable, quality mobile network that will be a vital launch pad for nationwide digital telecommunications services for more than 118 million Ethiopians”.

Experts have revealed that Safaricom’s expansion of its network into Ethiopia can be a potential win for the company, if it can replicate its successes in Ethiopia outside of Kenya where it has a strong dominance in the Kenyan market, at the both in the telecommunications industry and in mobile money, Investor King understands.

The Safaricom network will offer 4G data, voice and SMS services between Safaricom Ethiopia and Ethio Telecom customers.

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