Letter: Eurovision is the most entertaining political contest

OK, we had time to reflect and let the memories of last weekend’s Eurovision debacle soak in.

Among the many conclusions that can be drawn, the main one is that this is certainly not a singing competition – the merits (or not) of the mutilated meows of many nymphets in waders do not really show up. on the radar.

Let’s be honest, Eurovision has become the pan-European political event par excellence.

Nations vote for their friends and not for their enemies, or for those who despise them. It’s the television equivalent of eighteenth-century diplomacy when ambassadors went on secret missions to the various courts of Europe to whisper the betrayal of a neighbor or to assure the allies that they still had a cordial understanding.

Only now it’s done with computer generated spectacle – and it was spectacular – and many moments of sheer madness.

And may it continue for a long time. We’re never going to win again – it may be years before we get a point again – but don’t take it too seriously. Politics has never been so fun.

The face of the Swiss entry who thought he had won when the mass public vote for Italy Darkness-lite arrived and won the competition was priceless.

In the past, we have never witnessed the darkest political machinations. With Eurovision, it’s in full swing in all its Machiavellian madness.


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