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Man accuses neighbor of spying on him using CCTV camera, invading his privacy

The CCTV would have been installed around March 10. [iStock]

A man sued his neighbor for allegedly installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in front of his house.

In his court papers, Mr Kennedy Orangi accused Ms Hellen Maeda of spying on him and his family using CCTV.

Mr. Orangi’s house is adjacent to Mrs. Maeda’s.

Mr Orangi, in his case before High Court Judge Anthony Mrima, claims that Ms Maeda is invading his privacy.

The CCTV would have been installed around March 10.

Mr Orangi’s lawyer, Ms Lorraine Adhiambo, said Ms Maeda should have consulted with her client before erecting the device.

“There is a travesty of justice against the petitioner on the grounds that on or about March 10, 2022, the respondent who is the neighbor of the petitioner, without the consent and knowledge of the petitioner, erected a security camera CCTV and/or spying device overlooking the petitioner’s property,” Ms. Adhiambo said.

The court heard that Mr Orangi’s family members did not enjoy their privacy for fear that Ms Maeda would spy on them.

“The respondent’s invasion of privacy is ongoing and without legal or legitimate basis,” the attorney said, adding that efforts to resolve the matter out of court had failed.

Ms Adhiambo added: “If the respondent is not arrested by this honorable court, the said CCTV camera and/or spy device erected by the respondent continues to capture and hold information on the private affairs of the applicant. and members of his family”.

In his supporting affidavit, Mr. Orangi argued that Ms. Maeda should have given him notice, oral or written, that she intended to install the CCTV camera.

According to him, he approached her to resolve the issue but was unsuccessful.

Mr Orangi said he did not feel safe knowing that his neighbor had vital information about him and his family.

“My family does not feel safe knowing that the respondent has custody of information and images relating to our private lives,” he alleges.

Mr Orangi wants the court to force Ms Maeda to remove the CCTV camera. At the same time, he seeks an order that she has violated her privacy.

The petitioner also seeks compensation for the alleged breach of privacy and an order prohibiting Ms Maeda from installing any other form of CCTV camera.

“The invasion of privacy by the Respondent on a continuous basis and without any legal and legitimate justification constituted harassment of the Applicant and his family, which constitutes a violation of their fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the 2010 Constitution,” Ms. Adhiambo argued.

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